Yosemite Community College District Board Policy 5400

The students of the District are authorized to organize student body associations. The Board hereby recognizes that those associations as the Associated Students of the District, Modesto Junior College and Columbia College.

The Associated Students organization is recognized as the official voice for the students in District and college decision-making processes. It may conduct other activities as approved by the Chancellor. The Associated Students activities shall not conflict with the authority or responsibility of the Board or its officers or employees.

The Associated Students shall conduct itself in accordance with state laws and regulations and administrative procedures established by the Chancellor.

The Associated Students shall be granted the use of District premises subject to such administrative procedures as may be established by the Chancellor. Such use shall not be construed as transferring ownership or control of the premises.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Associated Students of Modesto Junior College will be to enhance sound student governance; to express the general will of the students to the administration; to create cultural and ethnic awareness on campus and in the community; to ensure that all students voices are heard; to promote respect regardless of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender.  Because ASMJC is a body of the students, by the students, and most importantly for the students, ASMJC will address student concerns on campus.  ASMJC will be a voice in all decisions made on campus that may affect the student body.



ASMJC's Objectives are to:

Enhance sound student governance and citizenship.
Express the general will of the students to the administration.
Further cooperation with administration, staff, community, and other educational institutions.
Create and maintain adequate scholastic, social, cultural, and political activities for student welfare.
Advocate for the privileges, rights, and responsibilities of the students of Modesto Junior College.

ASMJC Funding Sources

ASMJC is 100% funded by the students of Modesto Junior College.  Students fund ASMJC through three main sources:

Student Activity Fee-This is the $10 fee that students pay when registering each semester.  This fee is what covers the operations of ASMJC and allows ASMJC to host a variety of student-oriented activities and events on campus.  This fee generates on average $310,000 a year.  The use of these funds are decided by the ASMJC Senate as outlined by California Educational Code, FCMAT Accounting Manual, Yosemite Community College Board Policy 5420, Modesto Junior College, and Campus Life policies and procedures.

Student Representation Fee-A $1 fee that students pay when registering each semester. Established by 2/3 vote of the entire MJC student body. Funds are used by ASMJC to represent student concerns at the campus, local, state, and federal government levels.

Student Center Fee-$1 per unit to a maximum of $10 per fiscal year that students pay when registering each semester.  Established by 2/3 vote of the entire MJC student body. These funds are used for operating needs of the MJC East and West Campus Student Centers.

ASMJC Current Budget

Click here to View the 2017-2018 ASMJC Budget

Fund Requests from ASMJC

All funding requests are limited to $3,000 for any non-ASMJC group.  Any non-ASMJC funding request shall be limited to one request per fiscal year from any division, office, organization, committee, event, or employee.  For example, if Literature & Language Arts requests funding and it is approved, that division, or anyone from that division, may not make any additional requests for the remainder of that fiscal year.  Funding approval occurs on a year to year basis; receiving funding in previous years does not guarantee additional funding in subsequent years. 

Funds granted by ASMJC must be for goods and services other than those the school entity should provide from its own funding sources.  Thusly, if it is the district’s responsibility to pay for, if the district has paid for the expenditure in the past, or if ASMJC is being asked to pay for an item or service because of district budget cuts, it is not an allowable expenditure. (California FCMAT Associated Student Body Accounting Manual, Fraud Prevention Guide, 2016, p. 185)

Upon approval, all funding requests made by a club shall be taken from the Club Development Fund and must follow all rules and regulations associated with Club Development funds (ie: public funds).  Any funding request made on behalf of a club shall be made by a club member who is not an ASMJC Executive Officer or Senator.  

If funding is approved, it is the responsibility of the organization or individual requesting funding to follow up with all required paperwork for payment.  No purchases should be made until funds have been approved and this process is complete.

All Fund Request Forms submitted are subject to the approval of the ASMJC President for placement on the Senate Agenda.  Executive authority shall be vested in the President who shall be responsible for the enforcement of Student Senate rules and regulations. (ASMJC Bylaws: Article II, Section 1, Clause A)

All funds approved must have a final invoice submitted for payment no later than June 1.  Any invoices submitted after this date will no longer be eligible for funding.

To request funding from ASMJC please click for the Fund Request Form

ASMJC Documents