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Modesto Junior College

Admission Procedures

In order to allow time to arrange for your F-1 visa, it is recommended that you apply by the following dates:

For Fall 2019 semester (classes begin August 26, 2019): June 1 for new students, August 1 for transfer students.

For Spring 2020 semester (classes begin January 13, 2020): November 1 for new students, December 1 for transfer students.

An Application for Admission includes the following:

Please include this list in your application packet.

These forms must be completed in full and signed by you, the applicant.

  • Official Records of Study

You must submit official or certified copies of your academic records for all secondary and post-secondary study. Records should list the subjects studied and the grade or make received. The College expects official copies of the original document in the official language of the educational system. If that language is not English, an official translation should be attached.

  • English Proficiency

A minimum score of 60 on the TOEFL is preferred. Students who are admitted without a TOEFL score or one below 60, or equivalent will be required, upon arrival on campus, to take the college’s ESL Assessment test and will be required to take the courses that are recommended. Students, who submit a TOEFL score of 60, or equivalent or more, will not be required to take the college’s ESL Assessment test. The MJC TOEFL Institutional Code is 4486.

 Information about TOEFL can be obtained from TOEFL/TSE Services, P.O. Box 6151, Princeton, NJ, 08541-6151 USA, on the TOEFL website (, or from US sponsored educational advising agencies overseas. Contact the local US Consulate or Embassy from the location of the advising agency nearest you.

  • Certification of Finances

Complete the information, as requested, in the “Statement of Financial Responsibility” on the application form. You must complete the Financial Guarantee Form  and include a copy of a recent bank statement. If your study will be sponsored by a government agency, the letter of sponsorship must show the term for which you are applying for admission, the academic major to be sponsored and the length of sponsorship. If someone in the Modesto area will be providing room and board, a letter stating that fact and proof of the availability of funds will need to be submitted by the local resident.

Student visa holders in the US will not be authorized for employment except under very unusual circumstances; therefore, you should not plan a local employment to provide you with additional financial support.

The College estimates the cost of one academic year’s expenses to be approximately $17, 000. An academic year represents two semesters (fall and spring). Summer expenses are additional to those listed. Expenses include, but are not limited to: tuition and registration fees (approximately $7,500), books and supplies, health insurance, and room and board. These estimates are subject to change. You may find an explanation of tuition and fees charged by the college here.

  • Autobiographical Essay

Please write an autobiographical essay in English. It should include information relevant to your study in the US and at Modesto Junior College, your study plans, your family background and anything else that you would like to tell.

  • Copy of Passport

Include a copy of your passport and copies of passports for any dependents who will accompany you to the U.S.


  • Additional Test Scores (optional)

SAT or ACT scores are not required for admission. However, if you have taken either of these exams, please send a copy of your scores as they may assist with your English and math course placement at MJC.


  • Medical Insurance

All non-immigrant students are required to purchase medical insurance through Modesto Junior College each year of attendance at the College. If you have comparable medical insurance, you must provide a copy of the policy and insurance card when you check-in with the International Student Program. If your insurance is deemed comparable, you will receive an insurance waiver. It is recommended that you wait and purchase the MJC policy upon your arrival. For information about our preferred insurance policies go to ISOA.