Free Lunch On Wednesday (FLOW)



The purpose of FLOW, since its creation, is to assist in feeding students on campus who may suffer from food insecurities. 


In the Spring of 2016 the Office of Campus Life & Student Learning and the Associated Students of MJC were in search of a way to address food insecurities for students.  Those discussions gave birth to Free Lunch on Wednesdays or FLOW. FLOW allows current MJC students to receive a free lunch each Wednesday on both the MJC East and West campuses.  FLOW is operated by Campus Life staff and funded through the student activity fee.  A student who receives a FLOW lunch once has covered the cost of the Student Activity Fee.  Since 2016, FLOW has fed 36,000 students at MJC.  An recent increase in the student activity fee will allow FLOW to expand from 12 weeks a semester to 15 weeks per semester.  500 students a week are fed through FLOW.


The current menu for FLOW includes: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Subway, and Chicken Barn.  * Vegetarian options are available weekly. 

Campus Life & Student learning is currently in talks with Pizza Hut, Chipolte, Panda Express, Panera, and Olive Garden on a new menu for 2019-2020.