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Modesto Junior College

Project LEAD



Apply Here: Project LEAD FALL 2019 Application
Project LEAD Manual



Project LEAD Mission

The mission of the Project LEAD program is to provide Modesto Junior College students who are enrolled in the program, a leadership framework that will encourage students to take on leadership roles and become active participants in campus and community organizations, events and activities.   

What Is Project LEAD?

Project LEAD stands for Leadership Education And Development.  This program is hosted by MJC’s Campus Life & Student Learning Office.  The purpose of Project LEAD is to help teach general aspects of leadership as it applies to students participating in MJC student activities or thinking about participating in student activities.

What happens in Project LEAD?

Students will meet twice a month for one semester.  The program will focuses on MJC History, Communication, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Service Learning and Leadership.  These sessions will run 90 minutes.

In addition to the meeting sessions, students will be paired with a campus mentor with whom they will be expected to meet at least once per month.  The last component of the program is a community service project in which everyone participates as a group. 

Why should I participate in Project LEAD?

This is a great chance to be a better leader in your club, school activity, job, or personal life.  In Project LEAD, you will be able to network with students and leadership professionals.  This program is also a fantastic reference to have on your professional resume. Program participants will receive a t-shirt and binder.   Students who graduate will receive a Project LEAD polo shirt, and a certificate and are recognized at the Campus Life Gala.


Who is eligible for Project LEAD?

Any MJC student who is enrolled in courses is eligible.  If you are a part of any MJC club, activity, sports, or student government, Project LEAD will enhance your skills.  If you are not in any activities then this program will help you connect.  The program will accept 15-20 students.

Project LEAD Sessions


Amy Vickery
Public Information Officer
Stanislaus County
Project LEAD Session: Conflict Resolution
Amy will help guide Project LEAD students through the various methods of how to best handle conflict situations.  This session will help students to develop the tools to work through conflict situations. 
Alejandra Espinoza
ASMJC Faculty Advisor
Modesto Junior College
Project LEAD Session: Networking & Professionalism
Alejandra will guide Project LEAD students through the various methods of networking with fellow students, teachers, and community members.  She will also share the importance of professionalism though speech and appearance.  


Tim Harms
Operations Manager
Prime Shine Car Wash
Project LEAD Session: Communication
Tim and Cynthia will help guide Project LEAD students through the various communication methods of how to best handle make sure your message as a leader is understood by others.  This session will help students to develop the tools to ensure communication is a two way street. 
Trevor Rush
District Manager
Project LEAD Session: Time Management & Planning
Reggie will help guide Project LEAD students through the various methods of time management and how to make planning a part of your everyday life.  This session will help students to develop the necessary time management skills that are need to succeed in leadership.
Rick Armendariz
Assistant Chief of Police
Modesto Police Department
Project LEAD Session: Teamwork
Students will get help guidance through the steps needed to form a working, functional, and effective team. 
Lynn Dickerson
Gallo Center for the Arts 
Project LEAD Session: Service: The Need to Be Involved
Lynn will guide Project LEAD students through all the positive ways to be involved in the community and the importance of community service.

Project LEAD Mentors

As part of the Project LEAD program students are paired with an on campus mentor who they meet with a minimum of three times during the semester.


Dr. Albert Alt
Vice President of Administrative Services
Modesto Junior College
Dr. George Boodrookas
Dean of Advancement
Modesto Junior College
Arnold Chavez
Great Valley Museum
Modesto Junior College
Coni Chavez
Director of Public Affairs
Yosemite Community College District
Dr. Jacqueline Forte
Director of Basic Skills
Modesto Junior College
Pedro Mendez
Public Safety, Technical Education & Community Education
Modesto Junior College

Project LEAD Program Graduates

Class of Spring 2016


Jonathan Andrews
Nicole Baragno
Vishal Boughen
Jacob Cook
Camille Dana
Patricia Grant
Pwint Hein
Tommy Ledesma
Bradley Machado
Maria Mondragon
Essma Nasher
Kathy Rau
Jessica Reyna-Gonzalez
Alfonso Romero
Destini Rubalcaba

Class of Fall 2016

Annai Acosta
Henna Battan
Cindy Barragan-Lopez
Daniel Cornejo
Jessenia Duarte
Alexis Dye
Erika Franco
Melissa Garibay
Alison Griffin
Michelle Lane
Miranda Lopez
Mwalimu Mwaniki
Amy Nevarez
Karla Ruvalcaba
Lynsie Trujillo
Vanessa Yapez
Coletta Wiggins

Class of Spring 2017


Hector Aguilar
Maria Aguilar-Mondragon
Ana Alvarado
Lilibeth Bravo
Pricilla Cardenas
Priscilla DeLaCruz
Danya Dominguez
Crystal Dorsey
Alyssa Godinez
Darryl Hadlich
Nichara Holcombe
Shannon Kelly
Liu Chia-Lan
Nayeli Lua
Patricia Manning
Tarae McQueen
Michael Merenda
Jonathan Roblero
Alma Robles
Daisy Robles
Daniel Rodriguez
Monica Roman
Kevin Naranjo-Romero
Joseeph Suratt
Alexis Zaragoza

Class of Fall 2017


Samantha Alipio
Kelly Cervantes
Brittni Clack
Jose Covarrubias
Kaydee Cruz-Sampson
Gabriela Diaz
Eduardo Gonzalez
Lizette Ibara
Shantel Johnson
Ninebra Mansour
Samantha Navarro
Michael Neves
Janet Patino
Saul Portillo
Peter Vang
Claudia Verzosa

Class of Spring 2018


Brisa Antunez
Emily Chavez
Octavio Hernandez 
Edwin Gonzalez
Harloveleen Hundal 
Laural Lee
Gabriela Lopez
Vanessa Pereyda Maya
Priscilla Ohnmacht
Naomy Oliveiena 
Jennifer Olson
Rebecca Speakman
Emily York
Ellen Zavala

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