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Campus Life & Student Learning


c We are so happy you have chosen Modesto Junior College to pursue your academic and personal growth, and hope you will take advantage of the many programs and services our area provides for students. Modesto Junior College is rich in history and tradition and is an integral component in the fabric of our community.  We are a Hispanic Serving Institution with a Hispanic student population of 52%.  Campus Life & Student Learning is excited to welcome you to the MJC campus!   The Campus Life & Student Learning area includes: Student Conduct, Project LEAD, Project GIVE, Student Leadership Class (SOCSC 58), the Student Internship Program (SIP), the Student Activities Center, the Mary Stuart Rogers Center, the Associated Students of Modesto Junior College (ASMJC), MJC Campus Clubs, MJC Commencement and many special events and activities such as the African American Education Conference, the Hispanic Education Conference, and much more!  Please feel free to reach out to any of our team members should you have any questions!   

MJC Mission Statement

MJC is committed to transforming lives through programs and services informed by the latest scholarship of teaching and learning. We provide a dynamic, innovative, undergraduate educational environment for the ever-changing populations and workforce needs of our regional community. We facilitate lifelong learning through the development of intellect, creativity, character, and abilities that shape students into thoughtful, culturally aware, engaged citizens.

Campus Life Mission Statement

The Campus Life and Student Learning department is committed to providing an environment that enhances and enlightens student experiences on campus through our Student Activities Center, leadership and mentoring programs, and various campus extra-curricular activities.  Our Campus Life and Student Learning team strives to provide a welcoming environment that focuses on guiding and developing student’s leadership skill set, creativity, cultural awareness, character development, and civic engagement. 

 In order to help achieve our mission, the Campus Life & Student Learning team will:

  • Identify and attract students who will benefit from Campus Life & Student Learning programs and contribute to the diversity of the educational, social, and cultural environment of the campus.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of activities, programs, and services in meeting students' needs and develop ways to improve them.
  • Provide student services and programs that will facilitate academic success, personal growth, and global awareness.
  • Encourage student participation in activities that will help build an appreciation of cultural diversity and expression, communications skills, leadership skills, civic responsibility, personal and professional accountability, self-discipline, self-understanding, self-confidence, and a set of personal and professional goals and values.
  • Promote student/faculty/staff/administrator interaction as a means of improving the quality of campus life.

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Campus Life & Student Learning 2018-2019 Goals

 -Increase Cultural Diversity through events, activities, and bilingual presence

-Host Informational Tables in East Campus Student Center with Spirit Packs

-Increase participation in Project GIVE

-Continued use of the Six Factors with direct measurement

-Specify the Disney Experience in Campus Life

Six Ways You Will Be Successful at MJC

MJC is committed to live transformation! We do this through educational programs and services informed by the latest approaches to teaching and learning.  MJC is a dynamic, innovative environment meeting needs of the ever-changing populations of our regional community.

We invite you to join us in a partnership for your success!  Our role in the partnership is to thoughtfully and meaningfully integrate the RP Group research findings related to the Six Success Factors of Student Achievement.

  • Directed - students have a goal and know how to achieve it
  • Focused - students stay on track—keeping their eyes on the prize
  • Connected - students feel somebody wants and helps them to succeed
  • Engaged - students actively participate in class and extracurricular activities
  • Nurtured - students feel like they are part of the college community
  • Valued - students’ skills, talents, abilities and experiences are recognized; they have opportunities to contribute on campus and feel their contributions are appreciated


Award Recipient-Congrats to MJC Campus Life Program Assistant John Griffin. John was selected by the college as recipient of the 2018 Distinguished Classified Staff Award for his outstanding service and dedication.


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