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eLumen Information:

The eLumen site is now live and ready for use for course and program proposals. Courses must be proposed and approved first in order to be included in a program proposal. The role to choose for curriculum is Faculty Author. Please be aware that sometimes when signing in you may get an authentication error. Due to the single sign-on feature, this can happen if the system timed out for you when previously in it. Clear your history and cache to correct the issue and use Chrome when using the eLumen system. Go to our eLumen Public access page to view course and program outlines without having to log in to eLumen.

Faculty authors, interested in attending an eLumen curriculum workshop? Use the form below to submit a request:

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Contact Information for Curriculum Questions/Technical Assistance

Phone: (209) 575-6977
Email: OR
Microsoft Teams Chat to Heather Townsend

Curriculum Development, Review and Approval

A college curriculum - its breadth and rigor of courses, requirements for degrees and certificates, and the pathways that attending students take to finish them - is what defines the educational quality of an institution. At this site faculty, staff, and administrators at Modesto Junior College can find resources to support the creation, ongoing review, and management of curriculum - courses, degrees, and certificates at MJC, in support of the MJC mission.

Mission Statement

The Modesto Junior College Curriculum Committee reviews curriculum and academic policies to ensure compliance with Title 5 and California Education Code prior to recommendation to the District Governing Board for final approval. The committee also ensures that curriculum is sound, comprehensive, and responsive to the evolving needs of our students as well the academic, business, and local communities.

Approved by the Curriculum Committee (11/18/14)

Curriculum Meetings

  • Curriculum meetings are open to the public. Attendance is encouraged for those who develop or are impacted by proposed changes to curriculum.
  • All scheduled Tuesday meetings take place via zoom for spring 2021. See Kelly Addington for zoom meeting information or link provided at the top of each agenda.
  • Course and program proposals approved now through Fall 2021 (Last October meeting) will take effect Summer 2022.
  • All Curriculum Committee Meetings are recorded.
  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes can be found at the following link:
  • 2021-2022 Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates


CCCCO News and Documents

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