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Contact the friendly Enrollment Services staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

Other questions? Call 209-575-6789.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

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Modesto Junior College

Get your Student ID

East Campus

Please visit the Student Activities Center kiosk inside the East Campus Student Center rotunda. 

You will be asked to provide a second form of ID that has your picture and name,

and to provide your w number.


West Campus

Please visit the lobby inside the Mary Stuart Rogers Center on West Campus to obtain your student ID card. 

You will be asked to provide a second form of ID that has your picture and name,

and to provide your w number.


Student Benefits

Greetings MJC Pirates,

Hope you are ready for a fun and exciting school year!  As we prepare for the first day of school, we have some important updates to the MJC identification card stickers.  Many of you have already received a Fall 2019 sticker for the back of your student ID card. That sticker is being voided and needs to be replaced.  

To be eligible for student activity services at MJC or to ride the MAX and START buses for free, please read below and follow the instructions:

Student Activity Sticker

This sticker is given to students who have paid their $10 Student Activity Fee.  This sticker means you eligible for free services, activities, and giveaways, such as scantrons, print cards, green books, Free Lunch on Wednesdays (FLOW), t-shirts, and more.  If you have waived this fee, you are not eligible for any of these services. 

If you have paid your Student Activity Fee and have a zero balance on your account, please visit one of the locations listed below to pick up your Student Activity sticker and receive services throughout the semester. 

Bus Stickers

If you are a student who rides the bus, whether it's the Modesto MAX Bus or Stanislaus County START Bus, you are eligible to ride free as an MJC student.  Please visit one of the locations listed below to pick up your Bus Sticker.  In order to receive this sticker, you must have a zero balance on your account and be currently enrolled in MJC courses. 


ID Card & Sticker Locations

East Campus

-MJC ID Card Kiosk, located in the Student Center or

-MJC Business Services office, located in the Student Services Building

West Campus

-MJC ID Card Kiosk, located in the Mary Stuart Rogers Building.


* If you have waived the Student Activity Fee and do not ride the bus, there is nothing you need to do. 

If you have any questions, please call (209) 575-6700.

Best wishes this semester and GO PIRATES!


To get your student benefits sticker and apply for FREE SCANTRONS, complete a Student Benefits Application and turn it in (along with a copy of your current class schedule printed from Pirate's Net that shows a zero balance) to one of the two locations listed above: The Campus Life Kiosk in the East Campus Student Center, or the lobby reception desk in the Mary Stuart Rogers Center on the West Campus. Please read the application completely to ensure your application is correct so there will be no delays in processing.

Applications can be accessed by clicking the link below, completing the form and printing it.  You can also pick one up at the East Campus Student Center Kiosk or the lobby reception desk in the Mary Stuart Rogers Center on the West Campus.

Click Here For Your Student Benefits Application


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How long does it take to get my Scantrons after I submit my application?

A:  The application states that it may take 5 - 7 working days to fulfill your order.  However, we usually have it ready for you within 3 days.


Q: I ordered the wrong model of Scantrons.  Can I return or exchange them?

A: Yes!  Just bring your unused Scantrons back to us and we will exchange them for the correct model(s).


Q: How much does the benefits program cost?

A: The $5 Student Benefits fee is applied to your registration fees automatically.  No additional charges will be incurred.


Q: What comes with the Student Benefits?

A:  Through the program, students can order Scantrons (testing materials) for free.  We also provide a computer lab printing card with $2 pre-loaded!  As well, students can also obtain their semester benefits sticker through the application. Please be aware that all materials are first come, first served while supplies last.


Q: Why do I need my sticker?

A: The benefits sticker provides you with access to many services!

  • Access to Health Services to see Doctors or Nurses.
  • Discounted entry to any MJC event! (Theater and music performances, speech night, sports meets, and more!)
  • Free Lunch On Wednesday (FLOW)  Find us in the quad on either campus on Wednesdays with your ID and benefit sticker, and we give you a free lunch!
  • The sticker acts as a bus pass for both MAX (Modesto Area Express) and the StaRT (Stanislaus Regional Transit) buses! That's over $200 dollars in value! 

Q: I lost my Student ID Card and sticker. Can I get replacements?

A: You get three ID cards while attending MJC: An original and two reprints are allowed. Stickers are non-replaceable so keep your ID card someplace safe!


Q: Do I need to get a new ID card every semester?

A: No. Your MJC ID is valid for as long as you are attending MJC, and the information on the card is still legible. Be sure to update your sticker each semester!


Campus Life & Student Learning

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