Film and Lecture


Spring 2020 Series 


Thursdays in Forum 110 on MJC's East Campus (except where noted below))

The Civic Engagement Project's Film and Lecture Series is designed to provide students and members of the community with the opportunity to engage in topics of social interest and relevance through the screening of thoughtful movies and by bringing speakers to the campus who have demonstrated knowledge on topics deemed to be of social significance. Each film will be followed by a discussion with guest speakers or panelists. 

Thursday, March 12 -- The Great American Lie 

The Great American Lie calls the American Dream into question by focusing on examples of social and economic immobility in our country. The film argues that many of the equity gaps we see increasing today are rooted in cultural values that prioritize stereotypically “masculine” ideals, such as individualism, power, and wealth, at the expense of valuable qualities often regarded as “feminine,” such as caring for and cooperating with others.

Wednesday, March 25 -- Richard Rothstein Lecture 

> > Please note that this lecture is at a special location: THE WEST CAMPUS MARY STUART ROGERS BUILDING. It's also on a special night: WEDNESDAY < <

In The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America, Richard Rothstein focuses on mid-twentieth century government policy that was used to enforce residential racial segregation. His research suggests that some inequities African Americans face today are the result of this history of injustice. According to Rothstein, “The core argument of [my] book is that African Americans were unconstitutionally denied the means and the right to integration in middle-class neighborhoods, and because this denial was state-sponsored, the nation is obligated to remedy it.”

Thursday, April 9 -- No Small Matter

No Small Matter shares stories of families and teachers struggling to provide young kids with quality education, and the film showcases the science that suggests how important it is that they receive it. The film argues that the most overlooked, underestimated, and powerful force for change in America is investing more in the care and education of our young children.


WHERE--   FORUM BUILDING RM. 110 (located on MJC's East Campus), except where noted above 
WHEN----   THURSDAY EVENINGS at 7 PM to 9 PM, except where noted above
COST-----   FREE - The films are free and open to the public

Questions?  Please contact Jason Wohlstadter, English Professor, at 209.575.6180 

Members of the CEP Film & Lecture Committee: Jason Wohlstadter (coordinator); Bill Anelli, Stella Beratlis, Jessica Brennan, Chandra Howard, Bonnie Hunt, Trevor Jackson, Jon Kropp, Ruth Luman, Liz McInnes, Haleh Niazmand, Rebecca Reyes, Cynthia Van Valkenberg, Cheryl Williams-Jackson, and Theron Westrope.


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