MJC Scholarships

Apply Now for Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 scholarships!

The deadline to submit all required documentation and complete the application is January 31, 2020! 

IMPORTANT: Read the information below regarding the requirements and instructions for scholarship consideration at Modesto Junior College.  

  • The cumulative grade point average to apply for scholarships at MJC is 2.5 or higher. If your current cumulative grade point average is below the required 2.5, you may need to wait until fall 2019 classes are complete to see if your cumulative GPA meets the requirement. The deadline to apply for scholarships is January 31, 2020, so you will still have time to apply.
  • Students must have a minimum of 12 degree applicable units to apply. 
  • Students must declare a major. We are looking for serious students who show strength of major/program and who are focused on an educational goal.
  • Students must submit two online recommendations; one from an instructor and the other can be from another instructor, counselor or program specialist. Do NOT use family/friends/co-workers. Always ask in person before emailing a request for a recommendation. The request will be done through the online application. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure two recommendations are complete and submitted by the deadline, January 31, 2020.
  • Transcripts: After fall 2019 grades are posted print a copy of your unofficial transcript, scan, save and upload as a PDF to the online application by the January 31st deadline. Unofficial transcripts can be accessed from your PiratesNet account. NO screen shots!
  • Write a clear and concise essay; tell us briefly about your personal background, including any obstacles you've overcome to reach this point in your life. What is your current or intended major? Tell us why you selected this major and why you are passionate about it. What are your educational/career goals related to this major? It is important to proofread your essay. Does it flow well? Does it clearly state your major and passion for it? If not, take the time to rewrite your essay/story. There is no set word minimum, however, the online program will allow up to 1000 words. We recommend that you type the essay in Word and copy/paste to the essay section of the application. 
  • Make good use of the optional file upload section. The more you share about yourself, the better.
  • If you have questions or need clarification after reading all the information above, please call the MJC Scholarship Office (209) 575-7715 or from your MJC student email send a message to clarkme@yosemite.edu    

Link to MJC Scholarship Application/mjc.awardspring:  https://mjc.awardspring.com/