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Student Learning Outcome Assessment

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welcomeMJC is committed to providing a high-quality learning experience for all students. In order to measure our institutional effectiveness and to continuously improve, MJC employs a robust two-year cycle of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment. The "Cycle and Schedule" page can provide information about assessment timing. To know more about our processes, be sure to read the SLO Handbook on the "Learn and Discover" page! 

SLOs at MJC. Data from our courses (CLOs) and support services (SSLOs) is gathered in eLumen, our software support system. Inside of eLumen, this data informs our Program (PLO), General Education (GELO), Service Area (SAO), and Institutional (ILO) Learning Outcomes. We also measure our Administrative Unit (AUO) Outcomes. All of our SLOs are publicly available: you can find out more about our CLOs, SSLOs, PLOs, GELOs, SAOs, AUOs, and ILOs on the "Outcomes" page!

eLumen and Data Disaggregation. Our journey with eLumen began with the need to disaggregate SLO data that would help to address student equity and to better understand the quality of student learning across the campus. In 2015, MJC began a new SLO assessment process that would allow for data to be better understood, including how different populations of students were learning in their courses and programs. With this new data, we will be able to engage how our students are doing in face-to-face and online modalities, as well as how students are learning across the social categories of gender, age, ethnicity, and more. For more on our SLO journey, visit our "History of Assessment at MJC" page!

What Our Data Shows.  MJC is committed to making our disaggregated data about student learning publicly accessible. College data--since 2015--for Program (PLO), General Education (GELO), and Institutional (ILO) Learning Outcomes is available on our Student Learning Outcomes Data Dashboard!

Program Review and Assessment in eLumen. In 2017, after completing a full two-year cycle of SLO assessment in eLumen, the College launched a new program review format that draws on disaggregated student achievement and learning data. For more information, as well as to access program reviews, visit our "Program Review" page!