About The Outcomes Assessment Cycle

Cycle of Outcomes Assessment.

Modesto Junior College 1921Every academic and student support program—including administrative services and units—at Modesto Junior College will complete its Program Review and SLO Assessment Cycle every two years.

Analysis of outcomes assessment is an integral component of Program Review.  All Student Learning Outcomes, including course (CLO), student support (SSLO), program (PLO), general education (GELO), service area (SAO), administrative unit (AUO), and institutional (ILO) learning outcomes will be assessed once by all appropriate programs during the two-year cycle. When courses are assessed, all sections of a given course will complete the assessment of all CLOs for that course. Additionally, all support service learning outcomes (SSLO), service area outcomes (SAO), and administrative unit outcomes (AUO) will be assessed at least once during the two-year cycle. Data will be disaggregated whenever possible to measure student learning across subpopulations, including those identified in the Modesto Junior College Student Equity Plan. Disaggregated data will be used to examine face-to-face and online modalities, as well as how students are learning across the social categories of gender, age, ethnicity, and more.

The following graphic represents the two-year outcomes assessment & program review cycle: