If you are wondering how to assess Student Learning Outcomes, what SLOs are, how to use eLumen, and what we can discover through outcomes assessment, you've come to the right place!

slo manualMJC Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Handbook (Second Edition, 2017). This handbook provides a complete overview of the SLO assessment process at MJC, as well as definitions and navigational insights. It is a "user's guide" to student learning outcomes at Modesto Junior College.





prprocesscoverMJC Program Review Process 2017. Read this reference guide to understand MJC's Program Review process, including its purpose and goals, the cycle of PR and SLO Assessment, the use of the eLumen platform, the process for campus review, and the connections between program review, budget development, hiring prioritization, resource allocation, and continuous quality improvement.




cycleMJC SLO Assessment Cycle and Scheduling Page. If you need to know more and the "when" and "why," including your department schedule, this is the place to go. Know your cycle, and know your schedule!





prassesscoverProgram Improvement through Outcomes Assessment, Program Review, and Resource Allocation. Want to know more about MJC's continuous quality improvement process? Examine this illustrative poster that illuminates how the MJC Mission and Strategic Plan is supported through SLO Assessment, Program Review, and Resource Allocation.





elumenLearn about eLumen at MJC--find out more by going to our "eLumen Insight" Page. If you are a beginner or an advanced user, this is the page for you. Find out how to get started, or how to do more advanced work in eLumen, with videos, brochures, and informative links. 

See below an infographic on learning outcomes & course design:

Learning outcomes and backwards design