SLO-Assessment Schedules: Fall 2019-Summer 2021

The working links are for those for which a new schedule has been submitted by the department; the others are placeholders, which will become links when schedules are received and uploaded.

Administration of Justice (ADJU)

Agricultural, Vocational & Technical (AG/AGGE)

Agricultural Economics (AGEC)

Agricultural Mechanics (AGM)

Animal Science (ANSC)

Anthropology (ANTHR)

Anatomy (ANAT)

Anatomy/Physiology (AP)

Art (ART)

Astronomy (ASTRO)

Autobody (AUBDY)

Automotive Technology (AUTEC)

Biology (BIO), Botany (BOT), Zoology (ZOO)

Business Administration (BUSAD)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Child Development (CLDDV)

Communication Studies (COMM)

Computer Electronics (CMPET)

Computer Graphics Application (CMPGR)

Computer Science (CSCI)


Dance (DANCE)

Earth Science (EASCI)

Economics (ECON)

Environmental Horticultural Science (EHS)

Electronics Technology (ELTEC)

Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

English (ENGL)

English for Life and Work (ELW), English Language Instruction for College (ELIC) (Formally ESL)

Environmental Sciences (ENSCI) Natural Resources (NR)

Family Life (FAMLF)

Foods and Nutrition (FDNTR)

French (FREN)

Fire Science (FSCI)

Geography (GEOG)

Geology (GEOL)

German (GERM) Not offered currently

Gerontology (GERON)

History (HIST)

Humanities (HUMAN)

Human Service (HUMSR)

Individualized Instruction and Services (IIS) (part of Student Services)

Italian (ITAL) Not offered currently

Library Resources (LIBR)

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LOGST)

Machine Tool Technology (MACH)

Mathematics (MATH)

Medical Assisting (MDAST)

Meteorology (METEO)

Microbiology (MICRO)

Music (MUSIC)

Nursing (NURSE), Nursing Skills (NURSK), Nursing: Work Experience (NURWE)

Office Administration (OFADM)

Physical Education (PE), Kinesiology (KIN), Health Education (HE)

Physical Science (PHSCI)

Physiology (PHYSO)

Philosophy (PHILO)

Physics (PHYS)/Engineering (ENGR)

Plant Science (PLSC)

Political Science (POLSC)

Psychology (PSYCH)

Reading/Spelling (READ/SPELL)

Respiratory Care (RSCR)   RSCR BA Degree:  Courses also included in the schedule of their respective areas.

Sign Language (SIGN)

Sociology (SOCIO)

Social Science (SOCSC)

Spanish (SPAN)

Student Services Assessment by Service Areas

Theatre (THETR)

Tutoring (TUTOR)

Welding (WELD) (Sheet Metal Included)

Workforce Skills (WKFSK)