Faculty Author Resources

The eLumen site is now live and ready for use for course and program proposals. Courses must be proposed and approved first in order to be included in a program proposal. The role to chose for curriculum is Faculty Author. Please be aware that sometimes when signing in you may get an authentication error. Due to the single sign-on feature, this can happen if the system timed out for you when previously in it. Clear your history and cache to correct the issue and use Chrome when using the eLumen system. The following links are available to faculty authors who are developing courses and programs in eLumen and want to learn the steps to create a course or program proposal:

eLumen Resources

eLumen Test Site (Test site is used only for faculty testing purposes and is not where you would submit courses and programs for a final approval. Use the eLumen production site, link is located in the left menu, when you are ready to fully submit courses and programs for approval.)
https://mjc.elumenapp.com/public/  (To view Course and Program Outlines Without Logging in to eLumen)
Course Originator Training Guide
Quick Course Originator Guide
Quick Program Originator Guide
12-2-20 MJC Curriculum Originator Training PowerPoint
12-2-20 MJC Curriculum eLumen Training Zoom Video Course Proposals
01-27-21 MJC Curriculum eLumen Training Zoom Video Program Proposals

Faculty authors, interested in attending an eLumen curriculum workshop? Use the form below to submit a request:

eLumen Workshop Request

Contact Information for Curriculum Questions/Technical Assistance in eLumen for Faculty Authors

Phone: (209) 575-6977 
Email: mjccurriculum@mjc.edu. OR USE
Microsoft Teams Chat to Heather Townsend

Developing Curriculum Resources

Articulation Office
 Database (Used for providing transfer information in eLumen)
Author Review Checklist
C-ID Website
Class Capacity Determination Form (Used when submitting a new course proposal in eLumen. Course will not make an agenda without the form being completed and submitted.)
Common Technical Review Comments
Course Catalog Descriptions Style Guide
Course Numbering System at the CSU
What is the Course Outline? ASCCC "The Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide 2017"
Bloom's Taxonomy
Expedited Curriculum Approval Guidelines (Reaffirmed 10/09/18)
Chancellor's Office Inventory of Courses and Programs (COCI) 
CCCCO "Program and Course Approval Handbook" 7th Edition
CCCCO Narrative Template for Certificates and Degrees (Revised 7/2013)
CCCCO Narrative Template for ADTs (Revised 7/2013)
CCCCO Narrative Template for Noncredit Certificates (CDCP)

Note: When submitting a new CTE degree or certificate in eLumen for Curriculum Committee approval, you must also submit Advisory Meeting Minutes where the creation of the award was discussed as well as the LMI report from Nora Seronello and a CCCCO Narrative (see above link CCCCO Narrative Template). Documents should be attached in eLumen before you submit the award for an agenda. The new award will be sent back to you for a revision if the proper documentation is not submitted.

AA-T & AS-T Degree Resources

How to Find C-ID descriptors
Steps for Submitting a Transfer Degree Proposal
Transfer Degree Proposal Checklist
ADT Narrative Template (Use when creating a new AAT or AST proposal)
ADT Templates Approved by the State

Committee Resources

Articulation Essentials (09/06/2019)
Articulation 101-Presentation
Chancellor's Inventory of Courses and Programs (COCI)
Course and Program TOP Codes (Use this link to research TOP and CB Codes for proposed Courses and/or Programs)
Course and Program TOP/CIP Codes Crosswalk
Course Data Elements Dictionary
Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide (Revisited 2017)
Course Outline of Record: A Curriculum Reference Guide 2008
Course Compliance Spreadsheet (Updated 4/13/2021)
Curriculum Matrix for 2018-2023 (Approved 11/21/217)
Curriculum Committee 2021-2022 Fall and Spring Scheduled Meeting Dates (CC Approved 4/13/21)
Lecture/Lab/Discussion/Clinical Experience Guiding Principles (11/24/2015)

CTE 2-Year Review Resources/Documents for Submission