Modesto Junior College Health Services is staffed full-time by registered nurses. Students are seen by nurses on a walk-in basis. Mental Health therapy and physician services are also available by appointment and require a referral by the nurse. Walk-in mental health therapy visits may also be available. Nurses, physicians, and therapists will evaluate and treat most minor, temporary physical and/or emotional conditions that require short-term care. Many concerns require a referral to a community medical or other service provider, and every effort will be made to assist students in establishing off-site care as needed. 


Mission Statement

Health Services promotes the health and wellness of students through health education and services to optimize their overall well-being. 



All currently enrolled MJC students are eligible for services. Eligibility is verified through your MJC student ID and current benefits sticker or class schedule showing paid fees. 


Student Learning Outcomes

Services Area Outcome (SAO) #1: Students will learn about resources to improve wellness. 

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) #1: Students will identify services offered in Health Services. 



Service Area Outcome (SAO) #2: Students will understand the benefits of mental health services.

Student Learning Outcome (SLO) #2: Students referred to MH counseling will be satisfied with the therapy received.

Measurement tool: