eopsExtended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOP&S) is a Student Services support program assisting students whose educational and socioeconomic backgrounds might limit their access to higher education or hinder their ability to be academically successful in their college-level studies.

For 50 years, EOP&S has provided economically and educationally disadvantaged MJC students the assistance to pursue their educational and vocational goals and make the college experience accessible and rewarding. Our objective is to help students recognize and enhance their abilities and become successful college students.

The EOP&S program also has three component programs offering additional services. Those programs are the Bridge Program, CARE Program, and College Readiness Program.

Students who meet EOP&S eligibility criteria are provided services that are over and above those services provided to all students at Modesto Junior College.

To our amazing EOPS students, who we miss very much, 

EOPS Strong




 Upcoming Fall 2020 Orientation Dates: 

At this time our orientations are online.  If you are interested in attending an orientation, please email mjceops@yosemite.edu or call 209-575-6251 for further information. Please include your Name,W# and the date you are requesting. Thank you

Please include your Name, W# and the date you would like to enroll 

The dates below do not include priority registration for Fall 2020

Wed. May 13, 2020  Online (Approximate time 1 hour)

Tues. May 26, 2020   Online (Approximate time 1 hour)

Thurs. June 11, 2020  Online (Approximate time 1 hour)

Tues. June 23, 2020  Online (Approximate time 1 hour)

Thurs. July 9, 2020  Online (Approximate time 1 hour)

Thurs. July 16, 2020  Online (Approximate time 1 hour)

Tues. July 28, 2020  Online ( Approximate time 1 hour)

Wed. Aug. 5, 2020 Online ( Approximate time 1 hour) 


  EOP&S Services: 

  •  Academic, Career and Personal Counseling
  • Text Book Vouchers
  • Priority Registration
  • Tutoring Referrals
  • Academic Success Workshops
  • Early Alerts for Grades
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Waived Transcript Fees
  • Caps & Gowns Provided