Step 4: Educational Planning (CORE STEP)

Counseling and Advising 

All MJC students whose educational goals include: an Associate degree, a vocational certificate, completing requirements for university transfer, learning job skills, or improving basic skills are highly recommended to meet with a counselor/advisor before they register.

Counseling/advising is an important part of the successful educational process and it is essential to getting a smart start at Modesto Junior College. Following the orientation and math and English placement, students will have an opportunity to meet with a counselor/advisor to put together an abbreviated Educational Plan for the upcoming term.

Counselors recommend that during a student's first semester they enroll in a college Guidance class that offers students an opportunity to develop a comprehensive Student Educational Plan. This plan details the classes required and support services recommended for students to complete their educational goal.

Online Counseling Services Available 

Online Counseling Services