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Step 1: Apply Online
Step 2: College Orientation 
Step 3: English & Math Placement
Step 4: Education Plan
Step 5: Apply for Financial Aid
Step 6: Register for Classes

Need help?

Contact the friendly Enrollment Services staff if you have questions about adding or dropping classes, or filing for pass/no pass.

Other questions? Call 209-575-6789.

The Assessment Testing Office administers tests to help you select appropriate courses or satisfy pre-requisites.

International students should start by visiting our Information for International Students.

Modesto Junior College

Step 5: Apply for Financial Aid

If you would like financial assistance, you will need to file the following forms to see if you qualify:

You may pick up the California College Promise Grant form and scholarship application at the Financial Aid Office, Admissions Office (both campuses) and file your FASFSA online at

How Do I Qualify?

Family financial information is evaluated by a federal processing agency and then transmitted to MJC. The information is reviewed and verified by Financial Aid staff, and the amount and types of aid are determined. Funding is limited, so complete this step as soon as possible!

What’s Available Students may be eligible for:

  • Grants
  • California College Promise Grant
  • Federal Work-Study Placement
  • Nursing Loan

What is a California College Promise Grant?

California residents may be eligible to have enrollment fees waived. The California College Promise Grant (CCPG) assists eligible students with the enrollment fees by waiving the student's tuition fees (currently $46 per unit). Students are responsible for paying the MJC general fees which includes all material cost for any course.

To receive the CCPG, students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online ( or complete the California College Promise Grant paper application.

    • Students can apply for the CCPG by submitting a paper application to the MJC Financial Aid Office. The income standards below will be used to determine eligibility.
    • Students can also apply for the CCPG by filing a FAFSA online. Students have a higher chance of qualifying for the CCPG by filing a FAFSA. If you have filed a FAFSA, please check if you have been awarded the CCPG before you submit a paper application.
    • The CCPG is good for 3 semesters and students do not need to re-apply every semester.

Current CCPG Information

NOTE: When you file a FAFSA, you are applying for the CCPG, grants, loans, and work-study.

Check with the Student Financial Services Office to see if you have already been awarded the CCPG through your FAFSA before you submit the CCPG paper application.

MJC Student Financial Services Office: 575-7700 or


Veterans and Active-Duty Military Resources 

Visit the Veterans Office. Services include assistance with educational benefits, obtaining tutorial help and counseling, and maintenance of a referral service to other colleges and community service agencies.


If you receive Federal Grant funding and then withdraw from classes before the 60%-point of the semester, you may owe a repayment to the Federal Aid program. Financial Aid staff will calculate how much of your disbursement you have earned and how much will need to be returned based upon the date of your withdrawal. If you withdraw after the 60% point of the semester, you will not be required to repay. If you are considering withdrawing, see a counselor immediately to discuss your reasons for leaving. There may be alternatives you have not considered. If you do choose to withdraw, you may work with Financial Aid to arrange repayments and thereby retain your student aid eligibility. Failure to do so can result in a nation-wide hold on student aid eligibility.

PLEASE NOTE: CCPG will no longer waive the health fee.

Note: Fees are subject to change without notice

Student Financial Services


Phone: 209-575-7700
Fax: 209-575-7719

Drop boxes are available on both campuses:

West Campus – Yosemite Hall
Room 147

East Campus – Student Services Building

School Code: 001240