Veterans Services - Counseling

Walk-In Counseling - Two Ways to Connect 

Walk-In hours are on a first come basis.

  • Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Limited Counseling services will be available 8/17/2020-8/28/2020 

1. Request to meet with a counselor via Live Chat:

  • Orange button at the bottom right hand corner of MJC website.
  • You will be added to the Walk-In list, and a counselor will contact you. 

2. Find a counselor below with their green light on (left corner of ConexED -Cranium Café card), and knock on their door.

If you are unable to meet with a counselor during Walk-In hours:  

Have a Quick Question?
Video chat with Counseling: Veterans on Cranium Cafe