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Calworks 2020 Grads

Mission Statement

The CalWORKs Program is committed to providing students who are currently receiving TANF/cash aid with coordinated student support programs and special services to assist them in reaching their educational and career goals. Our program is dedicated to guide students through a successful educational journey that will help them achieve long-term economic self-sufficiency.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • SAO: Students will understand CalWORKS services and follow the regulations necessary to maintain program eligibility.
  • SSLO 1: CalWORKs students understand and follow the CalWORKS program student agreement.
  • SSLO 2: CalWORKs students will be knowledgeable about CalWORKS program requirements and services.

CalWORKs Services

Modesto Junior College CalWORKs Program works collaboratively with Stanislaus County Community Services Agency to provide the following support services:

  • Priority Registration
  • Student Advocacy
  • Coordination of Communication Between CalWORKs Students and Stanislaus County
  • Ongoing Career and Academic Counseling
  • Work-Study Opportunities
  • Childcare
  • Textbook Vouchers, Reimbursements, & Book Loans
  • Tutoring referrals
  • Emergency Bus Passes/ Transportation
  • Financial Aid Application Assistance
  • Monthly Attendance Reports
  • Referrals to Other On and Off Campus Programs
  • CalWORKs Student Support Service Center
  • Community Services Agency Case Manager(s) on site
  • MJC CalWORKs Scholarship for eligible students

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