Volunteer Emergency Service Units

Disaster Service Workers imageAll MJC employees are disaster service workers in a disaster. It is the responsibility of all MJC employees to assist in the safe and orderly evacuation of people from buildings and campus.
An employee, student or visitor is not required to put him/herself at risk, nor participate in emergency response activities if he/she feels it is unsafe to do so.

Many MJC Faculty and Staff volunteer for emergency service unit groups where they can share their expertise and training with the campus community in response to emergency situations. The volunteers receive periodic training. Learn more about some of those groups below: 

 Crisis Response Team
Crisis Response Team Transporting Victim

Crisis Response Team members assist the Campus Safety Coordinator to stabilize conditions for first responders, coordinate  evacuations, promote calm and relay information extending the resources of Campus Safety and Facilities. Crisis Response Team members will have an emergency kit (one for each member and alternate) that contains equipment and materials to assist them in their duties. They receive training in First Aid/CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, C-CERT (Campus Community Emergency Response Team), and fire extinguisher use.  

First Aid Volunteers
First Aid Volunteers practicing at a preparedness exercise.

Under the direction of the senior first aid volunteer, this unit will treat injured victims during an emergency incident and will assist medical responders by coordinating and implementing an effective medical response. First Aid volunteers are instructed to provide only the first aid or medical care they are trained to provide, example: First/Aid/CPR, Blood Borne Pathogens, etc. Medical activities requiring special training and/or equipment shall not be conducted by personnel untrained or unequipped to perform such activities.

 Interpreters/ESL Volunteers

Under the direction of the Public Information Officer, individuals with foreign language and sign language skills will serve as a point of contact for families of any member of the campus community injured during the emergency. This unit will:

  • Attempt to contact families of the injured, and
  • Communicate the status and location of the injured family member in such a manner as to minimize panic.
  • Carry out other duties as assigned.
Child Care Emergency Service Unit                 

                      childcare evac drill

This unit reports to the campus Child Care Center to provide assistance in calming and caring for the children when there is an evacuation. This may include hand carrying them to the assembly point and, when necessary, 

remaining with the child if he/she is to be transported to an off-campus site. When only the Child Care Center is being evacuated and operations on the rest of campus are normal, the Center manager will use an emergency communications telephone tree to notify volunteers of the evacuation. The Child Care Center requires that all members of this service unit be approved by the center manager prior to participation