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Modesto Junior College

Priority Registration FAQ

1) What is priority registration?

Students are given a registration appointment date that provides the earliest date they may register for classes. The appointment received is based on the student’s priority registration status. Priority registration is given to students who complete orientation, assessment, and create an educational plan.

2) How can I lose my priority registration?

Priority registration is lost when students have been on academic or progress probation for two consecutive semesters or when they accrue more than 100 completed units of degree applicable coursework at MJC.

3) What is academic probation?

A student is placed on academic probation when they have attempted at least 12 semester units and earn a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0. Priority registration is lost when a student is placed on probation for the second consecutive semester.

4) What is progress probation?

A student is placed on progress probation when a student has enrolled in at least 12 units and the percentage of all units in which entries of W, NP reaches or exceeds 50%.

5) What is the new rule regarding the 100 unit limit?

Students who accumulate more than 100 degree applicable units will lose priority registration for the next registration opportunity.

6) Is this a new rule for MJC?

Yes, this is a new law which all community colleges in California must follow.

7) Does the 100 unit limit and academic probation rule apply to all continuing students, including veterans, EOP&S, DSPS and CalWORKs?

Yes, the new rule applies to all groups.

8) Can I lose enrollment priority after one semester?

No, enrollment priority is not lost unless you have either reached the 100 unit limit or you have been placed on academic probation for two consecutive semesters.

9) Do all credits get counted in the 100 unit limit?

No. Only degree applicable units earned at MJC count towards the 100 unit limitation. These are MJC courses numbered 50-399.

10) Will my transfer units from another college or university count towards the 100 unit limit?

No. Units from courses taken at another college are not counted towards the 100 unit limit. Only degree applicable units taken at MJC are counted.

11) Are “W’s” counted in the 100 unit limit?

No. The 100 unit limit applies only to the units you have earned. Withdrawals (W’s) do not count towards the 100 units.

12) Do units in progress count towards the 100 units?

Units currently in progress are not counted if they have not been “earned” or completed at the time that you will be eligible to register for the next semester. For short-term classes, units are posted before the end of the term and will apply toward the 100 units.

13) What if I had an illness at the end of the semester that affected my grades?

An appeal process is available for all students who lose enrollment priority due to extenuating circumstances that can be verified (verified documented accidents, illness, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control).

14) How do I appeal if I qualify?

Complete a Reinstatement of Priority Registration Request form by the college established deadline.

15) How do I earn back my priority registration?

A registration priority can be restored when the student has returned to good standing. A priority loss which occurs after a student accumulates more than 100 units may never be restored

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