Modesto Junior College Beacon of Hope - James Houpis, Ph.D., President

I Hear You, I See You

I hear you! I See you! These two powerful statements are applicable to all parts of campus and impact our interactions with each other.   

  • To our Faculty who thrive in the classroom where your teaching inspires students, and who now must find new ways to foster community:  I hear you.  I see you.   
  • To our Classified Professionals on the frontline, serving our students on a daily basis, who now must find different ways to connect with students:   I hear you.  I see you.   
  • To our Administrators whose work hours are anything but typical, and whose tasks at this moment are anything but routine:  I hear you.  I see you. 
  • To our students who risk losing so much from jobs, homes, and the ability to buy food, all while to trying to meet the demands of life and school:  I hear you.  I see you.  
  • To all who feel broken, hurt, and violated by the actions of those who deny our civil liberties:  I hear you.  I see you.   
  • To all our employees and students of color who feel unheard, who feel marginalized or tokenized, I know we can do better:  I hear you.  I see you. 

Change cannot wait for life to “return to normal.” In this urgent time, I call the campus to our decision-making principles as we contemplate making the changes our students deserve:    

  1. Do what is best for our students.
  2. Address social justice and equity. 
  3. Find a way to “yes”. 
  4. Be a beacon of hope. 

As president, it is my privilege to hear you; it is my privilege to see you; and it is our privilege as a campus to create positive change for all.  We are MJC STRONG!