Guided Pathways Principles

Modesto Junior College is one of 20 California community colleges participating in the California Guided Pathways project. Guided Pathways is a framework helping MJC implement an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success. The College is intentionally designing structured educational experiences that will help our students succeed. 


mjc schoolsAt Modesto Junior College we offer many areas of study, and to help you make a choice and clarify the path, we have organized all of our programs into unique schools. But what are schools, and how can they help?

Schools are collections of academic majors and programs and cluster groups of majors that fit within a career area. There are nine schools to choose from at MJC. Within each School are degrees and certificates that have related course work. The intent of selecting a school is to help you choose a major, degree or certificate based on your interests, knowledge, skills and abilities. Selecting a School early will also help you select classes that relate to your education goals. So what are the Schools at MJC?


Choosing a school, you can narrow down your choice in major and begin developing an educational plan that leads to degree or certificate completion. Which school is right for you? For more information, you can make an appointment with a Modesto Junior College counselor to start exploring the schools and our flexible fifteen pathways and start planning your future!