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Guided Pathways


Modesto Junior College seeks to serve students; helping them to attain their learning and career goals in a timely manner. Recognizing that there is opportunity to improve the student experience, faculty, classified professionals, and administrators are working together to explore ways to streamline the student experience, crafting rich, appropriately broad paths to various educational goals. In addition, the College is committed to exploring all processes and support services to create a holistic approach to education that serves the entire student. To that end, MJC is one of twenty model colleges in the California Guided Pathways Project beginning fall 2017.


Bakersfield College Florida College System
Odessa College Broward College
St. Petersburg College Kansas State Department of Education
Queesnborough Community College Ohio State University
City Colleges of Chicago San Jacinto College


 Designing Our Curricular Materials for Outreach


Paving the Path Sessions (Spring 2019)

February 13
Jobs & Careers
FLEX #: 6083

We continue our series of hands-on workshops designed to help discipline faculty utilize tools and data to help students better understand career and job goals associated with MJC's programs.

Participants will:

    • explore career, skills, and competency data available
    • explore potential transfer institutions and occupations
    • visit the Career Center and learn about resources available to students
March 14
Aligning with Transfer Institutions

East Campus—Student Center—Staff Dining Room

FLEX #: 6084

This Paving the Path session will introduce faculty to the resources used to align courses with the most common transfer institutions for your program.

Participants will:

    • understand the transfer process and how our classes are integrated into the transfer program at the receiving institution
    • discuss aligning course objectives with industry skills and career competencies, and building vocational programs to facilitate upward mobility
    • learn strategies for exploring and comparing the curriculum of transfer institutions 

Please bring your laptop and knowledge of your possible transfer institutions for your program or industry needed competencies.

March 27
Aligning PLOs Across Institutions

Asynchronous Activity

FLEX #: 6085

Participants in this Paving the Path session will be introduced to the process of how to align your Program Learning Outcomes to careers, jobs, industry standards and transfer institutions to help make a student’s journey seamless, meaningful and applicable.  Participation will:

    • assist in the solidification of PLOs, ILOs, and GELOs that connect the learning journey at MJC to both transfer institutions and industry. 

This activity will be presented asynchronously. The link will be made available in the Paving the Path page of the Guided Pathways Website.