Welcome to the English Language Department at MJC!


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Dear Students, the English Language Learner Welcome Center is available to help you with enrollment and registration for summer and fall classes by phone and e-mail only until further notice. We will be offering the following ELW and ELIC courses online during summer. 

  • ELIC 22 and 32 (grammar courses)
  • ELIC 910, 914, and 915 (workshop courses on sentence structure, connectors, academic reading and writing)
  • ELW 903
  • ELW 904
  • ELW 905
  • ELW 906

Please e-mail or call the following numbers to get help or ask questions:

If you have called and not received a response, please try to call again and leave a message. There were some problems receiving and returning messages by phone, but now the problem is solved. We are here for you!

Click on link to search current semester class schedules for the ELIC and ELW programs: https://myapps.yosemite.edu/mjcclasssearch/

Click on link for English Language (ESL) assessment information: https://www.mjc.edu/studentservices/testingcenter/esl_assessment.php