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Modesto Junior College

CCSSE Results for MJC 2015

A 3-page detailed overview of notable 2015 results from the MJC survey is available here.  

Our 2015 participating students indicated the following:

  • 97% of their families are supportive of their attendance at MJC
  • 93% would recommend MJC to a friend or family member
  • 93% indicated that their MJC education is preparing them to think critically and analytically
  • 92% indicated that their education is enabling them to write clearly and effectively
  • 91% indicated that their education is preparing them to work effectively with others
  • 88% were satisfied with academic advising and planning resources at MJC
  • 86% indicated that their educational experience is preparing them to develop clearer career goals
  • 85% indicated that a major goal in attending MJC was to transfer to a 4-year college or university
  • 83% believe that MJC is preparing them to understand people of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds
  • 81% evaluated their entire educational experience at MJC as "excellent" or "good"

Additional findings from the 2015 survey:

  • When results from the 2013 CCSSE survey were compared with results from 2015, most benchmarks showed measurable improvement, however some equity gaps (race/ethnicity) are still present.
  • First-generation students showed high levels of satisfaction with their overall educational experiences at MJC
  • Equity gap analysis (race/ethnicity) of 2015 results showed little variation in most benchmarks 
  • Based on ten-year analysis of CCSSE survey trends at MJC (2006-2015), the highest performing benchmark at MJC is academic challenge, while the lowest performing benchmark is student-faculty interaction.

Reference tables from the 2015 and earlier MJC surveys are available here.

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