The Honors Program is designed to help highly motivated or accomplished students prepare to compete at top university levels. This program cultivates the skills and talents of the intellectually curious, uniquely creative, activist-minded, and/or the academically committed student. The principle guiding honors academics is dynamic and synthetic learning, coupled with on-going dialogue with experts in the field. Honors students are challenged and guided by faculty to delve deeper, think more critically, and argue more persuasively, usually in topics of their own choosing. Participants also have the opportunity to experience the camaraderie, encouragement, and intellectual stimulation of being in a cohort of high-performing students. Although most honors students are transfer oriented, this is not a requirement. Besides the criteria of a 3.25 GPA, and English 101 ready, all a student needs to become an honors student is a burning desire to do something more with their own education. 


To provide students with life transforming educational opportunities, to open a path towards intellectual independence as well as social and community consciousness, to empower them to shape their own future.