Commitee Charge

The SSEC is a committee of the College Council, and will make recommendations to that body regarding issues of student success and student equity. However, in accordance with YCCD Board Policy 7-8049, the SSEC will engage in collegial consultation with the MJC Academic Senate on any matters that are “rely primarily” or “mutually agree” areas.  The Committee is responsible for the planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and effectiveness of the following: Student Success and Support Program, Student Equity Planning, Basic Skills Initiative.  The Committee will consider the implications and disseminate information regarding: AB86 Legislation (including Adult Education, Career Development and College Preparation [CDCP], Credit/Non-Credit coursework and vocational pathways.

Mini-Grants Now Available

Do you have an idea for closing equity gaps?  Need funding to make it happen?  The Student Success and Equity Committee (SSEC) recently approved a process for MJC faculty, staff and administrators to apply for funding up to $2,500 for equity-related projects.  These one-time funds are for projects that help close equity gaps for student populations identified in the MJC Student Equity Plan

Mini-grant applications (fillable PDF) should be emailed to Ashley Griffith, griffitha@mjc.eduPlease pay close attention to the funding restrictions for all expenditures of Student Equity funds.  Please call Ashley Griffith with any questions you may have.


Voting Members:

Co-Chair (Faculty Member) Chad Redwing
Co-Chair (Administration) Ashley Griffith
Counseling Faculty Member (General Counseling) Pamela Crittenden
Counseling Faculty Member (Special Programs) Claudia Puebla
Basic Skills Faculty Member (English/Reading/ESL) Daniel Schmidt
Basic Skills Faculty Member (English/Reading/ESL) Vacant
Basic Skills Faculty Member (Math) Jacqueline Farris
Instructional Faculty Member (Career Technical Education) Vickie Mulvaney-Trask
Instructional Faculty Member (General Education/Transfer) Albert Smith
Vice President of Instruction Jennifer Zellet
Vice President of Student Services Flerida Arias
Dean, Literature and Language Arts Jillian Daly
Dean, Science, Math and Engineering Laura Maki
Classified Staff Lavonna Routt
Classified Staff Alicia Arceo
ASMJC Representative Nancy Carranza-Ramirez
CSEA Representative Lavonna Routt (SSEC)
CSEA Representative Glen Stovall (SSEC)

Non-Voting Members:

Director of College Research Vacant
Manager, Learning Center Sheri Lima
FTIC (First Time in College) Coordinator Vacant
Program Specialist, Student Services Ulises Ochoa
Management, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness Jenni Abbott
Management, Director of Student Services, DSPS, Jacquelyn Forte
Management, Director of Access, Retention & Student Support Eva Munguia
Faculty, Counseling (General) Ariana Gonzalez
Faculty, History, Adjunct Talitha Agan
Faculty, Reading Sarah Hawes
Faculty, Spanish Laura Manzo
ASMJC Representative Guadalupe Villanueva