Studying Remotely

A Heart-shaped treeWe have students who are adapting well to studying remotely during the pandemic, but we also have a number of students who find it challenging. Along with college studies, some students are managing families, householdsand work responsibilities while trying to find a healthy balance.  

Students have expressed feeling isolated, disconnected, and a lack of motivation. Students have also expressed that some instructors have increased empathy and compassion in navigating lifestyle change due to the pandemic -- while some instructors have increased class performance expectations and study workload in this remote learning environment. 

In an effort to reach out to students as a campus community, consider reaching out to students in groups and individually with an open ear and a kind heart. Even sharing a few supportive minutes and consistently checking in with students can have such a positive impactIt can mean the difference between a student staying enrolled or dropping out of collegeWe need to reach out to students more than ever now to support their success. 

During remote operations, there are students who are unaware that we are still offering a variety of resources -- including mental and physical health services, food assistance, and financial aid. While some services are on campus, others are offered online. We reach out to students through e-mail and social media about the services we offer on campus, but there is a special opportunity for those of us who are in direct contact with students. Please share the news about our campus resources with students. Together, we can collectively work to offer increased support during these challenging times.