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Modesto Junior College

A.S. Irrigation Technology

Irrigation Technology
A.S. Degree: Irrigation Technology
This program will provide students with the quickly evolving technical skills of the irrigation industry. Training and skill development include; the study of plant-soil-water relationships, water management and application, system design, evaluation and installation, pumping systems, and drainage. After successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to enter the workforce as irrigation managers, pump testers and repair technicians, system designers, system installers, ditch tenders and other utility personal. Contact the division office in the Agriculture Building for advising assistance.
     Upon satisfactory completion of this program, the student should be prepared to:
  1. Analyze plant/soil/water relationships and determine irrigation requirements for optimum plant growth and crop yield.
  2. Design and install an appropriate irrigation system that provides the crop water requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  3. Evaluate an existing irrigation system and make recommendations to improve distribution uniformity and efficiency.
  4. Evaluate irrigation pump performance and make recommendations to improve overall pumping plant efficiency.
To earn an Associate in Science Degree in this major the student must complete the requirements detailed in the Career Technical Education Pathway or the University Preparation Pathway which include the completion of the requirements below.
I. Agriculture Career Courses - Complete 5 Units Units
AG 115   Introduction to Agricultural Education & Careers 1
AG 249   Agriculture Internship 2
AG 259ABCD   Agricultural Work Experience 1 - 4
II Agriculture Science Breath Courses - Complete 9 units Units
AGEC 225   Agriculture Computer Applications 3
PLSC 200   Introduction to Plant Science 3
NR 200   Soils 3
III Major Required Courses - Complete 15 Units Units
AGM 235   Irrigation and Drainage 3
AGM 236   Advanced Irrigation and Drainage 3
AGM 237   Irrigation Wells, Pumps, and Drive Systems 3
AGM 238   Irrigation System Design 3
AGM 239   Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance 3
Total Units 29