Utility Failure

  • Electrical/lighting failure – stay in place for 30 seconds in case there is a power fluctuation or temporary “brown out”.  If lighting does not resume, exit the building following emergency lighting.  If it is too dark to safely exit the building, call Campus Safety and wait for assistance from emergency responders.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO NAVIGATE STAIRWELLS IN COMPLETE DARKNESS.
  • Plumbing failure/flooding – IMMEDIATELY STOP USING ALL ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT.  Do not activate electrical switches, especially if you smell gas, call Campus Safety and evacuate the building.
  • Ventilation problem – If smoke and strange odors come through the ventilation system, evacuate and call Campus Safety.
  • Elevator Failure - If you are trapped in an elevator, notify Campus Safety using the Emergency Call Box located on the front panel. Remain calm while waiting for assistance.