Medical Emergencies

Life Threatening:  Call 9-1-1, then if you are able call Campus Safety – 575-6351.

Non-Life Threatening:  Call Campus Safety – 575-6351.

  • Describe the type of injury or illness with a brief description of how it happened and provide the location.
  • Do NOT move the injured or ill unless it is necessary to avoid further injury.
  • Provide first aid only to the extent of your personal training and ability.
  • If possible, have someone meet the medical personnel to direct them to your location.

Seizure:  Call Campus Safety – 575-6351.

  • Ease the person down to the floor immediately and loosen restrictive clothing.
  • Give the person as much privacy as possible.
  • Do NOT attempt to force any object between the teeth.
  • Do NOT hold him/her down.  Instead make him/her as comfortable and safe as possible.
  • Talk to him/her until medical personnel arrive to assist.