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Modesto Junior College
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Distance Education Committee

Mission Statement

MJC uses current best practices to update and deliver challenging, dynamic distance learning opportunities that meet the needs of students in remote locations with diverse home, family and career demands.

Distance Education Plan

Distance Education Committee Members

4 Faculty Appointed by Academic Senate 
   Iris Carroll, Professor-Library
   Eva Mo, Professor-History
   Mary Silva, Professor-Counseling

2 Classified Staff Appointed by CSEA 
   Joshua Sigman, Front End Web Developer
   Claudia Mery, Program Technician-Disability Services (pending)

1 Curriculum Committee Representative  
   Recommended by Curriculum Committee and  
   Approved by Academic Senate 
   Shelley Circle, Professor-English

1 Director of Media and ITC 
   Brian DeMoss, Director of Enterprise Services

2 Distance Education Staff 
   Cheryl Chavez, Library Technician
   Michael Smedshammer, Instructional Design Coordinator,
    Committee Co-Chair 

2 Instructional Administrators 
   Brenda Thames, Vice President-Student Services
   Susan Kincade, Vice President-Instruction, Committee 

1 Student Representative 

1 Student Services Representative 
   Martha Robles, Dean-Matriculation, Admissions and

1 YCCD IT Representative 
   Brian Demoss, Director of Enterprise Services

1 YFA Representative 
   Linda Kropp, Professor-Accounting

Unlimited At - Large 
   Jenni Abbott, Director-Planning and Grant Development
   Leslie Collins, Professor-Speech
   Amy Duffy, Instructor - Medical Assisting
   Laura Manzo, Professor-Spanish  
   Milan Motroni, Professor - Physical & Health Education
   Shirley Miranda, STEM Center Manager