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Modesto Junior College
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Modesto Junior College is accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) through the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) and has a full accreditation status.  The college's next Accreditation report will be a mid-term report submitted the ACCJC in fall of 2014.

Modesto Junior College students who complete appropriate lower division courses are given full credit upon transfer to the California State Universities, the University of California, and other four-year colleges as well as universities with which the college maintains articulation agreements.  Modesto Junior College is approved by the State Department of Education for training veterans and is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant, alien students.

Accreditation is an institutional priority, and college committees continue to work diligently to address the Accrediting Commission's standards and expectations. The ultimate goal involves creating a stronger, more effective college for our students and our community.  Modesto Junior College stands committed to student learning, educational excellence, and institutional effectiveness. Our college is therefore dedicated to a comprehensive, integrated and continual cycle of planning that uses the collection and evaluation of data, student learning outcomes and program review to measure and improve all aspects of student learning and student services at Modesto Junior College.

Recent ACCJC Action

MJC Midterm Report Acceptance Letter, February 2015

2014 Substantive Change Proposal Approval Letter

Modesto Junior College Accreditation Reaffirmation Letter, February 2014

Modesto Junior College Follow-Up Visit Team Report, December 13, 2013

Action Letter from ACCJC February 11, 2013                 
Public Disclosure Notice

Team Evaluation Report December 5, 2012

Action Letter from ACCJC July 2, 2012 Special Report

February 1, 2012 Action Letter from the Accrediting Commission

2011 Evaluation Report from the Visiting Team

Substantive Change Proposal Letter of Approval 2010

2009 ACCJC Removal of Probation Letter

Recent Commission Decisions ACCJC Standards and Processes

Reports to ACCJC for the Purpose of the Institution's Accreditation

Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

Follow-Up Reports

2013 Accreditation Follow-Up Report
Evidence for Follow-Up Report 2013  

2012 Accreditation Follow-Up Report
Evidence for Follow-Up Report 2012

Midterm Reports

2014 Midterm Report  (PDF Format)

2008 Midterm Report

Special Reports

2012 Special Report on Recommendations 3 & 4
Evidence for Special Report 2012

2008 Special Report

Substantive Change Proposals

Modesto Junior College Substantive Change Proposal: Distance Education 2014  (PDF)
Evidence for Substantive Change Proposal 2014 (Appendix Documents)

Modesto Junior College Substantive Change Proposal: Distance Education 2014 (Word)
Evidence for Substantive Change Proposal 2014 (Appendix Documents)

2010 Substantive Change Proposal

Self-Study Reports

2005 Self-Study Report

Modesto Junior College Accreditation Self-Study 2011

Self-Study 2011 Broken Out in Sections:

Institutional Self Evaluation Using Commission Standards Broken out by Section:

Standard I

  • Standard I.A:  Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
  • Standard I.B:  Improving Institutional Effectiveness Overview

Standard II

  • Standard II.A:  Student Learning Programs and Services
  • Standard II.B:  Student Support Services
  • Standard II.C:  Library and Learning Support Services

Standard III

  • Standard III.A:  Resources
  • Standard III.B:  Physical Resources
  • Standard III.C:  Technology Resources
  • Standard III.D:  Financial Resources

Standard IV

  • Standard IV.A:  Leadership and Governance
  • Standard IV.B:  Board and Administrative Organization
Accreditation Evidence for Reports

Evidence for Special Report 2012

Evidence for Follow-Up Report 2012

Evidence for Follow-Up Report 2013

Evidence for Substantive Change Proposal 2014 (Appendix Documents)

Evidence for Midterm Report 2014