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College & Administrative Services

Our Mission:
  • Development, coordination, management and analysis of the College Budget.
  • Foster an environment of informed participation and budgetary understanding.
  • Liaison with District and Columbia College fiscal staff on all accounting and budgetary issues.
  • To provide all mail services, accounting, facility useage and duplication services.

Our Goals:

  • To continue to inform and educate the campus community of the budget process.
  • To make information available to all college staff and students of the State Budget Crisis and the impact to the District and Modesto Junior College.
  • To use innovative ideas and technology to provide the services in the most efficient manner.
  • To create a climate that empowers all staff to be engaged in college issues and to encourage professional development.

The College Administrative Services unit supports all the instructional and student support programs by providing accounting, duplication, mail and facility usage services. The unit also informs the College community with budget news and other financial information.

College Administrative Services 10-11 Program Review


Budget & Accounting Staff

Albert Alt
Vice President
Phone: 209-575-6867
Fax: 209-575-6169
Morris Bldg. Room 211

Lisa Husman 
Lisa Husman,
Executive Secretary
Phone: 209-575-6867

Rosanne F 
Rosanne Faughn
Accounting Specialist
Phone: 209-575-6889

Contact Us

Phone: (209) 575-6867
Fax: (209) 575-6169


East Campus
Morris Memorial Building
Room 211

  • Monday: 8-5
  • Tuesday: 8-5
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  • Thursday: 8-5
  • Friday: 8-5