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Modesto Junior College

Film and Lecture

Spring 2016 Series

The Film and Lecture Series is designed to provide students and members of the community with the opportunity to engage in topics of social interest and relevance through the screening of thoughtful movies and by bringing speakers to the campus who have demonstrated knowledge on topics deemed to be of social significance.  Each film will be followed by a discussion with guest speakers or panelists. 

February 18 - The Mask You Live In

This film claims that our boys grow up in a culture with a narrow definition of masculinity that encourages them to disconnect from their emotions and value aggression over compassion. Raising a healthier generation of boys and men, the film suggests, depends largely on recognizing and transforming the cultural messages directed at them.

March 10 - Merchants of Doubt

Merchants of Doubt argues that public response to topics such as smoking and climate change is hampered not by scientific disagreement so much as by the influential power of a small group of paid spokespersons who call science into question for financial gain.

March 17 - First Generation

This film follows the lives of four California high school students as they aim to be the first in their families to attend college. In their pursuit of higher education, these students strive to break free from the cycle of income inequality and serve to inspire their families and communities.

March 31 - Black in America: A Continuing Conversation

This conversation continues last semester’s discussion about the difficulties faced by young African-American men, especially given the growing tensions in today’s society between the police and communities of color.

April 14 - The Burden

This documentary claims that America’s dependence on fossil fuels not only threatens our environment and our economy but also endangers our armed forces and our national security. The film also suggests that we need to embrace clean energy solutions if America is to continue as a global leader in the twenty-first century.

WHERE: Forum Building Room 110 (located on MJC's East Campus)
COST: FREE - The films are free and open to the public

Questions?  Please contact Jason Wohlstadter, English Professor, at 209.575.6180 or Elizabeth McInnes, Biology, at 209.575.6299

Members of the film and lecture committee: Jason Wohlstadter (coordinator); Bill Anelli, Kathleen Ennis, Debbie Gilbert, Alexandra Golikov Brian Greene, Chandra Howard, Jon Kropp, Ruth Luman, Liz McInnes, Mary Swier, Theron Westrope.


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