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Modesto Junior College
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Governance and Planning

Engaging All Voices: MJC Participatory Decision-Making Handbook

The purpose of this document is to describe the structure for making decisions at Modesto Junior College. The document outlines the processes and mechanisms through which the voices of the college‘s constituent groups are heard in decision making. Representatives of all campus constituencies worked in good faith to develop these guidelines.

Schedule of Standing Meetings

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 Student Success & Equity Committee
On alternating weeks

Curriculum Committee


Instruction Council


See committee pages for meeting dates
  Academic Senate
Resource Allocation Council
Week 2 College Council
  Accreditation Council
Student Services Council
Week 3

Distance Education Committee

Facilities Council

Student Success & Equity Committee

District Council
Academic Senate
Resource Allocation Council
Week 4 College Council
    Student Services Council


MJC is committed to transforming lives through programs and services informed by the latest scholarship of teaching and learning. We provide a dynamic, innovative, undergraduate educational environment for the ever-changing populations and workforce needs of our regional community. We facilitate lifelong learning through the development of intellect, creativity, character, and abilities that shape students into thoughtful, culturally aware, engaged citizens.


Education is the reason our institution exists. To this end, we value innovation, professionalism, integrity, and responsible stewardship.  We foster respect for and interest in the diverse individuals and histories of our community. These values are foundational to the way we shape our programs and services, make and communicate decisions, reinforce collaborative relationships within our community, and promote civic engagement.


MJC will enrich lives by challenging all students to become successful, lifelong learners who strengthen their community in a diverse and changing world. The college is the first choice for educational excellence in our community.

College Goals 

  1. Modesto Junior College will continue to foster the success of all students by providing access to a broad array of quality, relevant teaching and learning programs, and appropriate services.
  2. MJC will tie Program Review, including all instructional and student services programs, to resource allocation decision: staffing, technology , instructional equipment, and facilities.
  3. MJC will develop and assess Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) used for student learning improvement, at the course, program, and institutional levels.
  4. Leadership responsible for governance at MJC will create a climate that empowers all MJC employees to be engaged in the campus community and that encourages respect, trust, and integrity through open communication and professional development.
  5. MJC will collaboratively develop a staffing plan that includes realistic outcomes of program review for both instructional and student services programs, including attention to potential growth areas, program decline, and impending retirements.
  6. MJC will expand and enhance outreach to business, industry, and the community based on identified needs and opportunities.
  7. MJC will create a culture of evidence and measurable improvements.
  8. MJC will expand and enhance the learning environment and delivery options for students.
  9. MJC will develop a plan to increase student engagement in order to improve overall student success.
  10. MJC will improve the planning and budget process to foster an environment of informed participation and budgetary understanding.