COVID-19 Refunds:

    • Spring 2020 classes dropped with an EW between March 4 - April 4 were refunded.  For more information click on FAQ.
    • Summer and Fall 2020 classes dropped with an EW are not eligible for a refund.
    • EW grades received during Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 are NOT eligible for a refund.  If you feel you should have been dropped from a class with an EW rather than receive an EW grade, you can submit a petition to Enrollment Services by clicking Student Petitions.

Applying For A Refund

1.  Drop Deadlines to be eligible for a refund - Class(es) must be dropped at the Admissions Office, or online at, on or before the refund date associated with the class. Refund dates for each class are listed on your printed class schedule.

2.  Outstanding Credit - Students with an outstanding credit can carry this credit for two academic years. Credits will automatically be applied to fees and charges incurred during this time frame. ANY CREDITS REMAINING AT THE END OF THE TWO YEARS, THAT HAVE NOT BEEN REQUESTED TO BE REFUNDED, ARE FORFEITED.

3.  In accordance with the California Code of Regulations, Section 58508, refunds with an enrollment credit of at least $10 will be assessed a $10 administrative processing fee.

4.  Classes Canceled by the College - Credit is given for classes canceled by the college, however, refunds ARE NOT AUTOMATIC. In order to receive a refund, the student must submit a completed Online Refund Request Form. No processing fee will be charged for refunds associated with a class that was canceled by the college.

5.  Refund Request Forms are available exclusively online. To access the Refund Request Form, you will need to log into your PiratesNet account.

You can also find the Online Refund Request Form by going to

Eligible refunds are processed approximately four (4) to six (6) weeks from the filing date. If fees or tuition were paid by check, the refund is not processed until the check has been cleared by the bank.