Climate and Sustainability Task Force



The mission of MJC CSTF is to work with the MJC campus and local community entities to better align the practices and policies of our college with the principles of sustainable development. As such, we:

  1. Promote the understanding of sustainability and climate change within our community and on our campus.
  2. Increase sustainable practices and reduce the carbon footprint of our campus
  3. Build partnerships between various campus departments, local K-12 schools and universities, and other local entities in order to achieve the above stated goals.


  1. The committee membership will consist of MJC faculty, students, staff, and administration, as well as representatives from community partnerships. (A “committee member” shall be defined as someone who has attended a regular meeting of the CSTF within the past year and/or is actively engaged in the work of the committee)
  2. The committee will be chaired by an MJC employee (faculty, staff, or administration). The committee chairperson will serve in that position for a term of two (2) years. After this term, a new committee chairperson will be decided by a vote of all committee members. There is no limit to the number of terms that a chairperson can serve.
  3. The committee shall be divided into three subcommittees:
  • Green Campus Subcommittee
  • Green Outreach Subcommittee
  • Green Curriculum Subcommittee


Noah Hughes, MJC Professor - Earth Science, CSTF Chair
Richard Anderson, MJC Professor Emeritus - Biology
Bill Anelli, MJC Professor - Philosophy
Trevor Carter, Campus Facilities Manager I, YCCD
Arnold Chavez, MJC Great Valley Museum & Planetarium Director
Teri Curtis, MJC Professor Emeritus - Biology
Debbie Gilbert, MJC Professor - English
Garry Hayes, MJC Professor - Geology
Cece Hudelson, MJC Professor - Geography
Kelsie Kieffaber, MJC Student Representative & Project Green President
Judy Lanchester, Director of Facilities Planning & Operations, YCCD
Dr. Laura Maki, MJC Dean, Science, Mathematics & Engineering 
Jose MarquezProject Coordinator, SCOE
Liz McInnes, MJC Professor - Biology
Haleh Niazmand, MJC Professor - Art
Yolanda Perrigil, Assistant Director of Facilities Planning & Operations, YCCD
Dr. Chad Redwing, MJC Professor - Humanities
Ron RutschmanCommunity Representative
Catherine Tripp, MJC Professor - Biology
Lina Yang, MJC Student Representive
Jennifer Zellet, MJC Vice President, Instruction