Accounting Lab

Students majoring in Business may use lab FH114 to work on not only classes in their major, but also any classes that are prerequisite or general education (basically any class in their educational plan).  Students who are taking a business class or classes, that are not necessarily business majors, may use this lab for the particular semester or semesters in which they are enrolled in at least one business class.  In this same way, just mentioned, other majors that are supported by lab 114 are OFADM (Office Administration), RLES (Real Estate), SUPR (Supervisory Training), and ADJU (Administration of Justice).  Staff in the FH114 lab are degreed in Business, and so are able to give instructional support to the business students within the lab.  Materials such as texts and solutions manuals are available for some of the business classes, for checkout within the lab only.  The lab is equipped with 37 computers, 2 B&W printers, 8 machine calculators (for Busad 300 students), and 2 study tables that can seat up to 4 students each, 8 students altogether. 

FH114 lab hours are currently Monday through Thursday, from 9am to 7pm. Students using this lab are asked to sign in at the desk as they enter, on the sign-in sheet provided, and to follow the rules of the lab, such as no food or drinks and keeping the noise level to a minimum. 

*FH114 is an instructional lab, meaning there is usually a certain level of noise from either students discussing homework together or lab assistants giving verbal instructions, or both; so those who are looking for a quiet place to study will rarely find that in FH114.