Accelerated Career Training (ACT)

The ACT Pathway Program is a unique program at the college that provides education in "acceleration." What this means is that students are enrolled into an aggressive set of college courses so that they can complete quickly and enter the job market within 6 to 12 months. While ACT students are primarily enrolled in college to obtain specific skill sets and knowledge many complete skills recognition awards, college certificate and associate degrees during their time with us.  Our program presently offers the following pathways: Auto Body, Automotive Diagnosis, Automotive Service, Advance Manufacturing, Computer Network Technician, CNC Operator, Heavy Equipment Technician, Industrial Electrician, Lift Truck & Material handling, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, EMT, Manufacturing Technology, Maintenance Machinist, Medical Assisting and Metallurgy/Welding.

The ACT Program Staff works closely with Divisions at MJC to map out student programs. Being an ACT student requires a high degree of commitment because of the "intensive scheduling of classes." However, we are there with you to assist you to succeed. If you are looking for a challenging experience that will transform your life, give us a call (209) 575-6394.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Must be referred by the Stanislaus County Community Services (CSA) or Department of Workforce Development/Alliance (AW) or Employer. 
  2. Lived in California for more than a year - Must have lived in CA for 1 year and 1 day.
  3. Be able to pass a drug test.
  4. Have a Valid CA ID?  If you do not have one, then will need to obtain within the first semester enrolled.
  5. Have a HS Diploma/GED or currently enrolled in a GED program.

How do I Apply for ACT?

  1. Contact your case manager at CSA or the Department of Workforce Development/Alliance to determine eligibility.
  2. If sponsored by employer, please contact the ACT office.
  3. Go through sponsor’s recruitment process.
  4. Be referred to attend orientation - Fall orientation for a Spring start and a Spring Orientation for Fall start.
  5. Attend the upcoming ACT Scheduled Orientation Events on:  September 25, 26 &  27, 2018
  6. Complete ACT Intake and Application Process.
  7. Complete ACT Assessment Process.
  8. Complete ACT Interview Process.
  9. Be accepted as an ACT Student.
  10. Stay in compliance w/sponsor and ACT rules to remain in ACT.

SK and CL









Covanta Energy
Del Monte Foods
Diamond Foods
E. & J. Gallo Winery (Modesto)
E. & J Gallo (Livingston)
Frito Lay
Foster Farms
Pacific Southwest Containers
Saputo Foods
Tesla Motors
US Farm Systems
United Service Technologies