DAS Electrician Trainee Program


What is an Electrician Trainee?

Legislation passed in 1999 requiring all electricians who work for a C-10  Electrical  Contractor to be Certified by the State of California. If you wish to work for a C-10 Contractor but don’t yet qualify to take the Certification  Exam you must register as an Electrician Trainee and enroll in a California   DAS Partner School.

To Be a "Certified Electrician" You must do two things:

  • Work as an “Electrician Trainee” apprentice for a C-10 Contractor for 2,000 to 8,000 hours
  • Pass the State Certification Exam.

The MJC Industrial Electronics Program will help you: 

  •  Enroll and register as an “Electrician Trainee” thus qualifying you for employment as an apprentice.
  •  Learn Technical Skills with approved coursework to help prepare you for the State Certification Exam.

Enroll Now in these DAS approved courses:

  • ELTEC 322       Technical Measurements
  • ELTEC 320       Electrical Safety
  • ELTEC 230       Electrical Blueprint Reading
  • ELTEC 225       Residential Wiring
  • ELTEC 208       Fundamentals of Electricity
  • ELTEC 235       Electrical Codes
  • ELTEC 223       Industrial Electrical Components
  • ELTEC 226       Motor, Controls & Controllers
  • ELTEC 229       Commercial & Industrial Wiring
  • AGM 200         Introduction to Mechanical Tech.
  • ELTEC 212       Digital Principles & Circuits
  • ELTEC 221       Instrumentation Devices & Systems
  • ELTEC 232       Intro to PLCs
  • ELTEC 234       Intro to PACs
  • ELTEC 236       HMI & Industrial Communications



Classes start: May (Summer Session), August (Fall Session), and January (Spring Session.)

For more information, contact Career Technical Education Division Office 

MJC West Campus, Sierra Hall 255, or call (209) 575-6332