Science Community Center

Science Community Center

The Science Community Center Features

  • Over 110,000 square feet
  • Green building technology
  • Planetarium, observatory, helical staircase, foucault pendulum
  • Water feature demonstrating math and physics concepts, outdoor theatre with scientist names engraved in benches
  • Great Valley Nature Lab (outdoor education area) 
  • Large lecture halls to hold community forums, MAPS presentations and Science Colloquiums
  • Serves as a natural history and regional science museum addressing the growing need for science education in our community with emphasis on the Central Valley


 The Science Community Center is filled with amazing and educational features. 

 SCC Features







Some of the Buildings Features:

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DNA Stairwell






Replica of DNA and genetic coding

Solar System








 First Floor Lobby has a brilliant display of the planets in the Milky Way Solar System


The Foucault pendulum appears to be swinging and traveling around the pit knocking down the pegs, however it is the Earth's rotation under the pendulum that causes this illusion

Water Fountain

An outdoor water feature with evening laser lights. It also offers real live math, physics and science experience.


Telescope and motorized observatory on the roof built on a foundation that is 60 feet underground to stabilize and allow for wiggle free viewing.



First Floor - Great Valley Museum, Division Offices, 2 Large Lecture Hall

Second Floor - Life Sciences - Anatomy, Biology, Botany, Microbiology, Zoology

Third Floor - Physical Sciences - Earth Science, Chemistry, Physics, Geology

Roof - Observatory platform


We are open to the public. Public, Community and School tours of the MJC campus and the Science Community Center can be scheduled. 

Visits to GVM and Planetarium can be scheduled through the Great Valley Museum 209-575-6674