The Modesto Area Partners in Science (MAPS) lecture series has operated since 1990 to foster science education in our community for youths through adults. Once a month during the academic year, MAPS offers stimulating free science programming, bringing educators and local citizens into contact with scientists and mind-expanding ideas.

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MAPS Virtual Events

Justin FischA Land Dedicated to Science: The Antarctic Treaty and its Environmental Protocol

Mr. Fisch holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies from the University of Florida, and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Degree from McGill University, in Canada.  Mr. Fisch has worked extensively in forestry research, and geography education throughout his studies.  Mr. Fisch is an environmental attorney and also a lecturer & guide with Quark Expeditions.  He has been an Arctic Youth Ambassador with Canada Parks. 

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The Carboniferous PeriodThe Legacy of the Carboniferous

An insightful examination of the Carboniferous Period – a critical period in animal evolution that set the stage for not only humans, but most of the terrestrial animals extant today.

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Mars RoverExploring Mars with NASA’s 1-Ton Rovers: Curiosity and Perseverance

Wiens is the Principal Investigator for ChemCam—one of the instruments being utilized on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity. He was selected as the Principal Investigator of the SuperCam team, which will be operating during NASA’s next mission to Mars, set to land on Mars on 2/18/21. His book, Red Rover: Inside the Story of Robotic Space Exploration offers a personal glimpse into his journey from childhood to adulthood as one who is fascinated by the heavens.  NASA’s first SUV-size Mars rover, Curiosity, which landed in 2012, discovered an ancient, long-lived freshwater lake on Mars, showing that Mars may have been as habitable as Earth in its early stages. Curiosity also made the first discovery of organic molecules on Mars. With its landing in February, Perseverance is equipped with the most sophisticated instruments yet, to ensure a better understanding of the Red Planet and to collect the best samples for the return cache. This talk will highlight both missions’ searches for life on our sister planet, Mars.

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