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GVM Tours

 The museum reserves the right to limit groups of 10 or more when tours or events are in progress. Organized groups should contact museum staff to schedule a visit.

At The Heart of What We Do

We would love to have your school here at the Great Valley Museum.  Docent tour-guided Museum School visits are scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 9:00am and 4:00pm.  After hour tours are available on a limited basis and require an additional fee.  The museum reserves the right to charge group sizes of 12 or more the group admission pricing listed below.  If you plan to bring a large group during public hours, please call ahead of time so we may schedule appropriate staffing.

What does a Museum Tour/Live Animal Presentation and Planetarium show consist of?

Museum Tour/Live Animal Presentation

A museum tour and animal presentation is roughly two hours.  When your group arrives, we split the group in half.  Group A heads into the Discovery Room for our Live Animal Presentation.  Group B heads into the museum gallery with a docent, for a docent guided tour.  After roughly an hour, the groups switch.  Example: 70 individuals, 35 will be designated as group A and 35 will be designated as group B.  Click here for our live animal presentation lesson plan.

When finalizing numbers, please account for teachers and any additional chaperones/attendees, as they are counted for the overall number to determine pricing

Planetarium Show

Planetarium shows are roughly one hour.  There are 100 seats in the planetarium.  When your group arrives, you will line up in front of the Planetarium in 2 equal lines in order for us to usher you in.  Please see previews of current shows by clicking here

When finalizing numbers, please account for teachers and any additional chaperones/attendees, as they are counted for the overall number to determine pricing.


A combo consists of pairing up the Museum Tour/Live Animal Presentation and the Planetarium Show into a three hour visit.  There is a discount given to groups that choose the combo option.  Please note that while our planetarium can seat 100 individuals, our museum tours can only accommodate up to 70 (this includes teachers and parents).  Combos are only available for groups of up to 70.

Code of Conduct

If you are interested in booking a tour at the Great Valley Museum please make sure to review our Visitor Code of Conduct. You will receive a copy for your records at the time of booking.

Visitor Code of Conduct Agreement

Group Pricing

Schools that are museum members receive a 25% discount rate from the prices below.  You can check our membership page here for more benefits and information.

Group Size
Museum Tour/ Live
Animal Presentation
(2 hours)
(1 hour)
(3 hours)
up to 40 $200.00 $280.00 $432.00
41 - 70 $300.00 $380.00 $612.00
71 - 100 Not Available $480.00 Not Available

What does my school need to do if we want to book a visit?

  1. Contact us for available dates. You may call us at 209-575-6196 or by e-mail at
  2. Once a date is arranged with us, you will be sent a reservation e-mail.  A Purchase Order number will be required to finalize date(s).
  3. An application and certification insurance form will be attached to the e-mail.
    • You must complete the above forms and have a purchase order returned to us at least three weeks prior to your scheduled visit.  Proper paperwork not received three weeks prior to your visit will result in a cancellation.
  4. Once both forms are returned to the museum, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail detailing your visit.
  5. Visit the museum on your scheduled date and have a fun and educational time!

Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.  Checks should be made out to "Great Valley Museum".


Great Valley Museum

Connect With Us

Great Valley Museum
Science Community Center
MJC West Campus
2201 Blue Gum Avenue
Modesto, CA 95358
209 575-6196


Museum Hours

Sunday closed
Monday closed
Tuesday 9 to 4
Wednesday 9 to 4
Thursday 9 to 4
Friday 9 to 4
Saturday 9 to 4

Parking on the MJC campus is $2 Monday - Friday. Please bring small bills. Parking is free after 5 pm on Fridays and all day on weekends. Please check our planetarium page for planetarium show times.