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Modesto Junior College


Chemistry Glass

Chemistry is the branch of physical science that deals with the elementary substances, or forms of matter, of which all bodies are composed, the laws that regulate the combination of these elements in the formation of compound bodies, and the various phenomena that accompany their exposure to diverse physical conditions.


Upon satisfactory completion of this award, the student should be prepared to:
1. Score the national median or higher on American Chemical Society General Chemistry Exam (full year).
2. Score the national median or higher on American Chemical Society Organic Chemistry Exam (full Year).
3. Use of quantitative and/or qualitative analysis techniques to determine an unknown in a general chemistry laboratory.
4. Use of NMR, IR and other spectrum to determine an unknown organic compound.



Chemistry Courses:

CHEM 101 General Chemistry 1  
CHEM 102 General Chemistry 2  
CHEM 112 Organic Chemistry 1  
CHEM 113 Organic Chemistry 2  
CHEM 122 Organic Chem 1 Struc & React  
CHEM 123 Organic Chem 2 Struct & React  
CHEM 133 Problem Solving Skills for Chem 143  
CHEM 142 Pre-General Chemistry  
CHEM 143 Introductory College Chemistry  
CHEM 144 Fundamentals of Organic and Biochemistry  
CHEM 150 Exploring Our Chemical Environment  
CHEM 164 Introductory Chemistry (Laboratory)  

Full Time Staff

Brzezinski, Linda
Title:     Instructor of Chemistry
Office:   Science Community Center Room 347
Phone:  (209) 575-6925

Caddell, Dr. Joseph
Title:     Professor of Chemistry
Office:   Science Community Center Room 342
Phone:  (209) 575-6810

Dhaliwal (Bains), Gagandeep K
Title:     Instructor of Chemistry
Office:   Science Community Center Room 335
Phone:  (209) 575-

Page, Matt

Title: Instructional Support Specialist
Office: Science Community Center Room 315
Phone: (209) 575-6289

Roslaniec, Dr. Mary
Title:      Professor of Chemistry
Office:    Science Community Center Room 337
Phone:   (209) 575-6285  

Adjunct Staff

De Oliveira, Willer

Science, Mathematics & Engineering

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