Instructional Continuity Resources for Students

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The Chancellor's Office Student Resource webpage includes answers to common questions. Keep checking the site as it is updated daily. 

All face-to-face classes. Canvas and ConferZoom Trainings for students will take place beginning Monday, March 16.


In the event of a disruption to campus services, your class may continue using Canvas. You can use Canvas from a computer, or download the smartphone app:

Check out this general Canvas overview video to get started.

Submitting handwritten assignments to Canvas

You can take a picture of handwritten assignments and convert them to PDFs for Canvas. To do so, download the app Adobe Scan app from the app store on your device and use it to convert the pictures into a PDF format for the assignments to be ready for Canvas submissions.

For Canvas support, please call (844) 303-8280.


Your instructor may also use ConferZoom for lectures and class discussions. You can access Zoom meetings from your computer, or you can download the smartphone app:

For Zoom support, please call (209) 575-7763.

Canvas & ConferZoom Video Guides


If you're joining a ConexED meeting, check out this video guide on setting up your camera and microphone.

Low-cost Internet

Many Internet Service Providers offer free or low-cost options to qualifying customers.

Pathways Center

The Pathways Center is designed to be a one-stop service area for all new and returning students.
Counselors and Student Success Specialists work collaboratively in the Pathways Center to provide high quality services to all MJC students.

Pathways Center services are available remotely. Visit the Pathways Center website for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn how departments at MJC are accommodating you during the Coronavirus remote instruction period, please read the Contingency Plans for Departments.

What does it mean to move to “Remote Learning”?
Remote Learning means your instructor will move their class from a face-to-face traditional setting to a different form of learning that does not require meeting together.  This may include Canvas, Zoom, or other methods that allow a class to meet virtually.

What does it mean to “Suspend” a class or activity?
For classes, “Suspended” means temporarily not meeting and resuming at a later date. For events, at this time, it means the same thing, but the college is hopeful that some of the activities will be able to happen later this semester.

When will classes resume face-to-face?
At this time we are committed to remote learning through April 5. However, we are evaluating the situation daily and will make decisions as new information becomes available.

Can I still come to campus?
Beginning March 20, all buildings and services on campus are no longer accessible. Chat with us on 

What if I have an online class?
All online classes still meet online with no interruptions.

Can I see a counselor?
Our counselors will be meeting with students remotely. No face-to-face appointments will be available.

Can I still use the Library or see a tutor?
The library is closed through April 5, but you still have access to tutoring through NetTutor. Find the NetTutor link in your Canvas class shell to access tutoring on a variety of subjects.

Is MJC closed?
MJC is not closed; while our buildings on campus will be closed, our classes continue to run remotely and our services will still be available via our website.

What if I am not able to use the technology for my class?
Your instructors will work with you on alternative assignments. 

The college leadership team is meeting continuously and making decisions as new information becomes available. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.