The Flexible Calendar Program provides in-lieu-of instruction time for faculty to participate in development activities that are related to staff, student, and instructional improvement. "Acceptable activities" can be designed to achieve a wide range of staff development goals and can be delivered in many formats including in-service training, workshops, conferences, seminars, individual or small group planned projects, and institutionally planned activities. As such, it is a powerful strategy for implementing specific improvements in the development of colleges as collaborative, innovative workplaces. It is thus both a strategy for specific instructional improvement and a vehicle for basic organizational change in the way faculty and staff work and learn together.

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Flex Calendar Directions

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Flex Workshop/Training Evaluation (please be sure to complete an evaluation form and return it to the Instruction Office to assess all our workshops and trainings)

Academic Senate Professional Development Committee
(this committee oversees Flex activities at MJC)

Flexible Calendar Program 2015-2016 Certification


Flexible Calendar Advisory Committee

Shelley Circle, Program Development Committee Chair

Michael Sundquist, Flexible Calendar Coordinator/Dean, Arts, Humanities & Communications

Kelly Addington, Flex Calendar Assistant/Administrative Specialist

Baljinder Gill, President, CA School Employees Association

Jennifer Zellet, Vice President, Office of Instruction

Mike Smedshammer, Instructional Design Coordinator

Curtis Martin, President, Academic Senate 

Judy Wagner, Classified Staff Advisory Council Co-Chair