MJC Scholarships

Scholarships are great sources of money you don't have to pay back. Financial need may be a factor for some awards, but not all. Instead, they may recognize academic excellence, specific areas of study, special talents, leadership ability, community service and/or other organizational relationships. Scholarships are awarded annually on a competitive basis.

Applications are available at the beginning of Fall semester. Most selections are made during the spring semester for the following year. Recipients must be full-time students at MJC. Transfer scholarships are also available for MJC students transferring to four-year colleges or universities. 

If you need assistance with your application or have questions regarding the Scholarship Program, contact the Scholarship Specialist, Melissa Clark, at 575-7715 or or visit the Scholarship Office on MJC's East Campus in the Morris Memorial Building, Room 105.

  • Fiscalini Family: Continuing/Transfer Students, Child Development major, Stanislaus County resident
  • Friends of Child Development Scholarship: Continuing student, Child Development major
  • Katherine Read Baker Child Development Scholarship: Transfer Student, Completion of Child Development core classes
  • William & Dorothy Nicholas Child Development Scholarship: Continuing/Transfer students, Child Development major.  Complete Child Development Core with high grades and demonstrated strength in general education courses.

Outside Scholarships