Family Forms

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Registration and Payment of Fees

Family Participation Volunteer Packet and Instructions.

please print and use as your checklist for completion of the forms necessary for registration of your child in the program.




Birth Certificate - present to office so copy can be made

Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (Lic 627) 

Identification and Emergency Information (Lic 700) 

Child's PreAdmission Health History - Parent's Report (Lic 702) 

Physician's Report(Lic 701) 

Immunization Verification - present yellow immunization record to the office for copying

You do not need to print the this form - office will complete   Immunization Record ("Blue Card")  (PM286)

Immunization Exemption

Notification of Personal Rights (Lic 613A) 

Notification of Parent's Rights (Lic 995) 

Early Care and Education Consent Form Current Year

Participation Statement - parental TB clearance required

Culture and Traditions PRESCHOO

Emergency Locating Form for parents or grandparents who attend classes at MJC 575-6700 If you have children; elderly parents or another situation that someone may need to contact you, you must have a form on file in the Student Development Office in order for staff to contact you. New forms are required every semester.

For MJC Students with Children in our Early Care & Education Program: need help with tuition fees? 

Mayman Scholarship - visit the MJC Scholarship website

The Mayman Scholarship application process starts in October of each academic year. If a scholarship is awarded it won't be available until the following academic year.